Truck Business, The Future…….Is There Any?

Truck Business, The Future…….Is There Any?


The trucking segment has long been the poster child of the global automotive industry, generating record revenue and creating an aura of infinite growth. But, after an era of positive market development since 2009, the sector is now slowly entering a state of flux. As the world economy is still struggling to bounce back from a draining seven-year slump, even established brands in the transport equipment industry are facing increasing pressure and rising and uncertain stability in the middle east and North America with stricter regulations only compounding the gloom. The question we all want to ask is simple and yet so complex, are the sector’s key players ready for the change ahead? And if not, how can they prepare for a future that, in many ways, has never seemed so uncertain?

Looking at the change currently occurring in the industry, exploring the influences that are driving it and looking at where the industry is likely to be in 2020 should be the focus of the truck equipment manufacturers and the push by governments for cleaner better transport vehicles to tackle the rising Co2 emissions especially in ASEAN nations.

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