Toyota MY mobile app launched for iOS and Android devices
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Toyota MY mobile app launched for iOS and Android devices


UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) recently announced the launch of the new Toyota MY app for iOS and Android devices which seamlessly integrates the features of the Toyota Drive and Toyota 24Seven apps onto a single, easy-to-use platform.

According to UMWT, the intuitive app is all set to redefine the customer experience by offering a comprehensive suite of features that simplify vehicle management.

Datuk Ravindran K., President of UMW Toyota, emphasised the philosophy behind the app. “Toyota practices the philosophy of ‘kaizen’, which means continuous improvement. This extends not only to the design and manufacturing of vehicles but also to our customer experience and touchpoints,” he affirmed.

The Toyota MY app flawlessly integrates functionalities from previous Toyota apps into a single, user-friendly interface, empowering Toyota owners to effortlessly access crucial information about their vehicles, schedule service appointments, view their Loyal-T membership points, request 24Seven roadside assistance, locate nearby Toyota outlets and much more.

With easy access across various mobile devices, the app streamlines vehicle management to elevate the overall ownership experience for Toyota drivers, supporting them in maintaining their vehicles at peak performance levels, and reflecting Toyota’s commitment to provide a hassle-free and efficient ownership experience.

In addition to its practical features, the app also serves as a central hub for the latest Toyota news and promotions. It will be UMWT’s primary digital platform for introducing new innovations and enhancements.

Previously, Toyota owners were required to install two distinct apps, the Toyota Drive app which was launched in 2017 and the Toyota 24Seven app. Following the introduction of the Toyota MY app, both the Toyota Drive and Toyota 24Seven apps will be phased out.

“By simplifying vehicle management, the Toyota MY app enables us to offer an even more efficient ownership experience and allows owners to enjoy their cars more, aligning perfectly with our commitment to customer satisfaction. This app represents a significant step towards the future of how we deliver services to our valued customers, and we’re excited to further develop the potential it holds for new innovations and enhancements,” Datuk Ravindran K. added.

Existing Toyota Drive users just need to update the app and it will upgrade into the new Toyota MY app. They can then log into Toyota MY using their current registered email address after a quick and easy setup process. New Toyota customers are encouraged to register their details at their preferred Toyota outlet upon vehicle purchase to facilitate account creation.

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