This is the ZAROOQ SANDRACER 500 GT crossover

This is the ZAROOQ SANDRACER 500 GT crossover

The Zarooq SandRacer 500GT aims to provide performance both on and off-road, with the driver being able to engage a “sand” mode that lifts the body, providing a healthy dose of ground clearance for getting over those pesky dunes. Produced in the middle east and designed for their sandy terrain, this vehicle could also be right at home in muddy and hilly terrain with a change in tires.

Supercar performance is provided with 525 horsepower on tap from a 6.2 liter V8, and the lightweight chassis and roll cage designed by Campos Racing keep all 4 wheels on the ground. Only 35 units are being produced and if money is no issue get on the phone and order your today.


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