This is The URO Vamtac

This is the Vamtac, or Vehiculo de Alta Movilidad Tactico. It looks just like an improved Humvee, but it is not. Manufactured by URO Vehiculos Especiales S.A. or Urovesa, a light truck maker based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain the Vamtac has seen two decades of service with Spain’s armed forces.


The original URO Vamtac I3 ran on a 163 horsepower Steyr M16-TCA turbodiesel engine and used Allison TC-275 automatic transmission. Since the emphasis was on its ability to transport almost thrice its weight at 900 kilograms and armour protection was at a minimum. The first generation of Vamtac I3’s had three variants. To date the Spanish armed forces maintain 500 Uro Vamtacs in different roles.

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