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Nissan Leaf Races Mother Nature to Prove a Point

In a first-of-its-kind driving test, Nissan decided to challenge nature itself with the Leaf electric car, just to show how impressive its acceleration is.

In an enclosed area at Samroiyod Beach in Thailand, Nissan set up a one kilometer long challenge that put the Leaf head to head with fire and wind, using a Pyrotechnician’s ‘fire-line’ and a champion kite surfer, to see who makes it to the finish line the fastest.

The challenge was conceptualized to change the perception that electric vehicles are not dynamic or exciting.

The Nissan Leaf, with its rapid acceleration of 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds, raced ahead of its elemental rivals.

“With no doubt, electric vehicles are the most environmentally responsible cars of the future. And with this challenge, we aim to show that the Nissan Leaf is impressive, not only because of zero-emission, but also being a cool car with mind blowing acceleration and driving dynamics that can handle any challenge,” said Nirmal Nair, Vice President Marketing, Nissan Asia & Oceania.

To date, more than 470,000 units of the Leaf have been sold worldwide.

Way to go, Nissan.

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Nissan to Produce e-Power Technology in Thailand

Nissan has confirmed that it will soon launch its e-POWER technology in Thailand.

The company also announced that Thailand will soon be manufacturing the technology, making it the first country outside Japan to do so.

The e-POWER technology mentioned here combines a 100% electric motor with a petrol engine to charge the battery, with no plug-in charging. It is also the technological bridge to full Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) powertrains, giving consumers the full spectrum of driving experiences and vehicles to suit their lifestyles.

NissanÕs e-POWER technology

Unlike the BEV power system, e-POWER includes a gasoline engine with a power generator, an inverter, a battery, and an electric motor.

How it works is that the wheels of the e-POWER vehicle are completely driven by the electric motor, powered by the gasoline engine. The engine is not only charging the battery but also giving electricity, through the inverter, directly to the motor.

When extra acceleration is required or when climbing a steep hill, the electric motor receives power from both the battery and the engine to enhance its performance. The technology additionally provides superior fuel efficiency and lower emissions, compared to a traditional internal combustion engine.

The system also removes the need for plug-in charging, due to the engine that charges the battery.

The announcement forms a significant evolution of Nissan’s electrification vision in Thailand, by presenting Thai consumers Nissan’s best technology.

Furthermore this launch underlines Nissan’s long-term commitment to Thailand, as an essential part of Nissan’s 10.96 billion baht investment to produce e-POWER technology at the company’s facilities in Samut Prakan.

Does this mean that the Nissan Leaf electric car which we are currently importing from Japan, could also be produced in Thailand in the near future, exported to Malaysia, and offered at a cheaper price?

What do you think?   

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