Hyundai Tucson
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The Hyundai Tucson N-Line Is What We Call A Funky Looking SUV

Just like how Honda has Mugen, Toyota has its Gazoo Racing range, and Volkswagen has its R and R-Line models, Hyundai has the ‘N’ brand for its performance oriented models, and looks like the Korean carmaker is all set to take the sub-brand to a whole new level with cars like the one we’re looking […]

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Hyundai Tucson modded for African markets

Hyundai in South Africa was selling this special ‘Hyundai Sport’ version which appeared two years ago, before the general facelift. This was limited edition and dues to its success the Hyundai brand division has decided to continue to offer it across the rest of Africa and maybe even some Asian markets. The car was chosen […]

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