Study shows Scania supplies the most efficient alternative fuel technology
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Study shows Scania supplies the most efficient alternative fuel technology

Södertälje,Sweden Photo: Kjell Olausson 2015

Bioethanol is by far the most efficient alternative fuel technology in reducing CO2 emissions from heavy vehicles a major study carried out in Stockholm has found.

Since 2010, a total of 50 alternative-fuel trucks have operated in Stockholm in what has been one of the largest ever trials of renewable fuels for trucks. The Clean Truck project has been managed by the City of Stockholm in cooperation with fuel distributors and transport companies.
The 50 trucks were operated on dual fuel (methane/diesel), hybrid electric-diesel and the bioethanol fuel ED95.

When results were evaluated recently, the Scania bioethanol truck had emerged as the clear winner with a nearly 70 percent CO2 reduction. Initially, when forestry waste was used to produce ED95, the reduction was even higher, 90 percent.

The Scania bioethanol trucks are operated by the Kyl- och Frysexpressen transport company in Stockholm, which carries out deliveries of fresh produce to food retailers in the area.

“After having operated ED95 trucks for a few years, we still firmly consider them, by far, as the best alternative fuel available,” says Managing Director Robert Barkensjö. “Of the options that presently exist, there’s simply no reason to look at other solutions.”

Barkensjö says that in his experience there is no difference between operating and driving a bioethanol compared with a diesel truck. What are the prerequisites for bioethanol operations? “None at all, besides the fact that you need a heavy vehicles licence,” Barkensjö says.

Scania offers the broadest range of heavy vehicles for renewable fuels, including biogas, bioethanol and biodiesel.

ED95 is an ethanol-based fuel for adapted diesel engines. It consists of 95 percent pure ethanol with the addition of ignition improver, lubricant and corrosion protection.

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