SHELL DRIVELINE PRODUCTS, Increasing Fleet Productivity

SHELL DRIVELINE PRODUCTS, Increasing Fleet Productivity


In conjunction with its participation at the Malaysia International Trucks, Bus and Components Expo (MITBC) 2015, Shell Lubricants has officially launched its suite of driveline products aimed at helping businesses reduce operating costs significantly.

Shell offers a complete range of lubricants that protects all the driveline components in these machines.  They include Shell Rimula heavy duty diesel engine oils; Shell Spirax axle, transmission and gear oils; as well as Shell Gadus greases.

Shell Lubricants General Manager, Malaysia & Singapore, Mr Leslie Ng, reveals that the company is keen to share the benefits that these Shell driveline products are capable of delivering.

“All of our lubricants products are a direct result of Shell’s leadership in research and development, which are designed to offer specific benefits.  When used in conjunction with each other throughout the machine’s driveline, these Shell lubricants are then able to deliver greater value by lowering operating costs and extending service intervals. This is an excellent demonstration of a case of ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.  But don’t take my word for it – there are tangible and quantifiable results that our business partners have shared with us that prove these combined benefits; these are called Demonstrated Value Records (DVRs),” he said.

Mr Ng further added that Shell Lubricants already has a growing list of satisfied customers in Malaysia across different industries such as agriculture, cement and quarrying, fleet and transportation, construction and general manufacturing, who have seen significant cost savings from longer oil drain intervals, reduced fuel consumption, extended lifespan of parts, lower maintenance and repair costs, reduced downtime and higher operational efficiency by switching to Shell Driveline products.

Sibu-based NB Heavy Industries Sdn Bhd, whose fleet of trucks ply both short and long haul routes in extreme and stressful conditions all over Sarawak, was able to reduce operating costs without comprising the fleet up-time since using Shell Rimula R5 LE 10W-40 synthetic technology heavy duty diesel engine oil.

The company was able to extend its oil drain interval which resulted in increased vehicle availability and fewer overhauls. Its reduced consumption of lubricant and savings in maintenance costs have resulted in a reported annual total savings of nearly RM2.5 million.


Kokorotus Estate Sdn Bhd, a plantation company in Lahad Datu, Sabah, saw almost immediate benefits since switching to Shell Spirax transmission and hydraulic oils. The company was able to extend the oil drain interval for its fleet of tractors from 500 hours to 1,300 hours, which resulted in increased vehicle availability and fewer overhauls. Its reduced consumption of lubricant and savings in maintenance costs have resulted in a reported annual total savings of almost RM100,000.


Taiping, Perak-based Megah Transport Sdn Bhd operated a fleet of trucks that used to be plagued by grease leak issues that led to early wheel bearing failures. Since switching to Shell Gadus grease, the company was able to minimise such occurrences and reduce grease wastage and usage costs. It resulted in annual savings of some RM250,000 in repair and maintenance costs.


“At Shell, we are constantly leveraging on our technological leadership to help truckers as well as heavy equipment owners and operators attain new levels of operational efficiency. It is about less downtime and more ‘done time’. Our Shell Driveline can help you achieve just that,” Mr Ng said.


He then concluded, “Throughout the years, Shell has been able to forge very successful partnerships with our customers because we understand what drive their businesses and their long term goals. In the long run, we strive to make them successful in achieving their goals and work together and help them deliver greater business value.”

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