Scania working on ‘Alternative Fuels’ & ‘Electrification’

Scania working on ‘Alternative Fuels’ & ‘Electrification’

Alternative fuels and electrification solutions are already operational and some are being field tested as Scania vehicles can already run on all alternative fuel from natural gas, bioethanol, biogas and biodiesel which has a proven track records of lowering CO2 emissions up to 90% while being as reliable as fossil fuels.

Biodiesel and biogas is available in Malaysia now and as Malaysia is a resource-rich country, there is opportunity for creating more jobs by developing the use of biofuels.


Electric vehicles are the future as they can lower emissions by up to 100% if running on renewable energy sources and in Sweden, Scania is already testing electric trucks on the world’s first electric road in Gavle and wireless charge buses in real life operations now in Stockholm, both for heavy applications.

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