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Scania Malaysia has just delivered the first two units of Scania P410 CB 8×4 HHZtipper truck with Scania Opticruiseto construction industry veteran Sin Thow Joo Brick Works Sdn Bhd, based in Chemor, Perak. These vehicles also come with financing and insurance coverage from Scania Credit Malaysia.Another five units are to be delivered to the brick manufacturer upon completion of the long wheelbase ‘tipper’ which are currently under construction.

“Transporting our bricks have always been a challenge and we needed to ensure minimum wastage in terms of breakages of our load to the buyers’ development sites. We also needed to haul larger loads to the designated site on time in order to be competitive,” stated the Managing Director of Sin Thow Joo, Mr Denny C.H.Tan.

“With the latest addition of our first Scania tipper trucks to our fleet, complete with financing and insurance coverage from Scania, we believe the trucks will perform to our requirements and give us the most in terms of reliability, uptime and fuel economy,” added Denny Tan.

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Established in 1972, the family run business began alongside the strong demand for development of housing within Perak. The advent of cheaper wall blocks and bricks, saw Sin Thow Joo facing stiff competition for the red bricks that it manufactures but their commitment to quality and delivering within set deadlines, has enabled them to withstand two recessions in Malaysia and it is now among the largest brick suppliers in the state of Perak.

To date, some of Sin Thow Joo’s customers range from developers of educational establishments such as the Poi Lam and Sam Chai Primary School in Ipoh, right up to several thousand units from housing projects all over Ipoh. The most prominent structure that Sin Thow Joo can be proud of will be the Aman Jaya Bus Terminal, at Meru. Others include supplies to development of shop-houses, factories, the De Garden Shopping Complex in Ipoh Garden and the Ipoh Downtown Hotel, to name a few.

Handing over the keys at this inaugural event to Mr. Tan was the Sales Director for Truck & Engine, Scania Southeast Asia, Mr. Roslan Effendi. The Scania tipper truck has excellent manoeuvrability and handling and they are fit for hard work in the most challenging conditions. Apart from that, these trucks are assembled following strict guidelines set by the government agencies such as SPAD and PUSPAKOM.

“A Scania tipper truck will make a significant and positive effect on productivity, which in turn will maximise profitability for our customers. The truck can now carry 29 tons of load after customizing to our customer’s needs; 17 tons more than before. And yet our specifications that include Scania propriety technology like Opticruise, will still help the driver and owner to achieve better fuel economy,” says Mr. Roslan.


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