Scania shows a completely Truck new interior
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Scania shows a completely Truck new interior

Scania has a strong tradition of putting the driver first in its development work. Naturally, this is reflected in the interior of the new truck generations.

“Our driver focus has manifested itself and been demonstrated in earlier models,” says Mårten Bergström, Senior Industrial Designer with Scania’s Design division. “We were the first in the marketplace with an asymmetrical, driver-oriented dashboard. We have now taken this a step further by connecting and integrating a ’wing theme’ to the top of the dashboard.


Using the wing theme, Scania’s designers have been able to visually disconnect the driver’s seat from the passenger side while creating a character-filled design element. The focus on the needs of the driver has been further strengthened through a whole new level of detail and cohesive design.

Anna Börjesson Bodestig, Team Leader for Interior within Scania’s Design division explains, “Thanks to the fact that we were able to work with every detail in the interior, and were therefore able to develop everything at the same time, we have got a new interior that feels unique and extremely exciting. At the same time, we have been able to develop Scania’s key character lines and design elements, taking them a step further forward. Everything in this interior is new and unique.”

Enhanced safety, visibility and interior space thanks to that the driver’s starting position has been moved 65 mm closer to the windscreen and 20 mm out towards the side.

Next Generation Scania: Interior

More space behind the seats for ­wider beds. The fixed main bed is now 800 mm, with three mattress options: foam, bonnell and pocket springs to suit all preferences. The extendable bed is up to 1,000 mm, the widest on the market. The improved upper bed is 600 mm (normal roof) and 700 mm (high roof) with bonnell springs. With a high roof, 800 mm with pocket springs is optional.


Extended storage options, with a particular focus on volume and accessibility. A wide range of flexible options for storage boxes, shelves, hooks and nets can be added depending on cab type, choice of bed and other specific needs.


The dashboard is modular, ­making it simple to customise ­according to the customer’s needs, with regard to ­ergonomic design, buttons, controls and storage.

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