Scania ONE shows Efficient, Smarter and Safer Transport with Digitalisation
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Scania ONE shows Efficient, Smarter and Safer Transport with Digitalisation

Digitalisation will accelerate the potential of existing solutions, as completely new avenues emerge such as the coordination and control of transport movements. Scania is applying digitalisation to accelerate progress towards sustainable transport movements featuring safe and efficient flows of goods and people.

For example, Scania One is a new digital platform for all connected services from Scania that will come to Malaysia soon. This enables the already connected 250,000 vehicles around the world including nearly 1,000 in Malaysia to be operated in a smarter way and with higher safety standards.

Scania customers in Malaysia are already using Scania Fleet Management System where a set of services connects the vehicles with customers’ office through a communicator device to provide vehicle data, fleet position and reviews of driving performance.

 scania ONE

With such powerful information, it helps save money for customers as they can make decisions that cut fuel consumption, identify vehicles that are being driven in a suboptimal way and plan service schedules to reduce unplanned downtime.

Vehicle and driver performance can save up to 10% (or even more) in fuel consumption if Scania Fleet Management is used together with Scania Driver Training and Coaching services.

With drivers being one of the most important assets of a company, Scania driver training teaches them techniques that are aimed at immediately increasing fuel efficiency, road safety and sustainability, while significantly reducing downtime and operating costs.

Scania’s driver coaching programme meanwhile provides one-to-one driver coaching that paves the way to excellent driving habits and techniques help that reduce wear and tear, stress, fuel consumption while increasing comfort and road safety.

The Scania expert coaches use a driver’s data on coasting, idling and acceleration to provide smart analysis to increase safety and comfort and reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The confidence in the services was demonstrated by the signing between Scania and Konsortium E-Mutiara Bhd for Scania Driver Training and Coaching services for 175 drivers of the express bus service, which was represented by its Managing Director Haji Che Ibrahim Che Ismail.


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