Rusted Land Cruisers in Malaysia need this conversion

Once upon a time a true workhorse that was rarely seen in urban areas, the humble FJ-40 today is much sought after by collectors just like the original Land Rover Defender.

Vehicle restorations in Malaysia can run from mediocre to showroom best. Truly excellent restorations like this one pictured here, particularly of specialty vehicles like the Toyota FJ Land Cruiser, are difficult to find, very expensive but they are indeed out there!

In order to distinguish a good restoration from a great one, or even a great one from an excellent one, it’s important to know what to look for. We know the FJ has a reputation for being rough and able to handle almost any road condition, but don’t underestimate the value of aftermarket add-ons that can improve your comfort! If you want LED head-lamps, much needed air-conditioning, or a suspension that will not rock your back bone. Your restoration shop/mechanic can make that happen, along with a host of other improvements like power disc brakes. These are very easy to add on and may end up increasing not just your comfort, but even the value of the vehicle should you wish to sell it later on.

Donor vehicle issues?

Here comes the biggest problem…..finding the right donor vehicle. You want to know your donor vehicle is legitimate and well taken care of; matching numbers on the engine and chassis with the JPJ registration documents are important! This is especially critical for cars like the FJ; there’s no reason why you should have to compromise.

At a minimum, your donor vehicles engine and gearbox should match the brand….so it should be a Toyota powertrain. If it doesn’t then best to avoid unless the price is hard to resist. There are plenty of FJs out there in excellent condition that can be restored to perfection.

Unmodified chassis. A car that has been decently cared for will have a chassis that is unwelded and has minimal rust. Extreme situations such as accidents, floods, or rollovers often require chassis work. Take your time and visit as many estates and small towns as possible

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