Renault Trucks to organise VDS Tour competition for second time
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Renault Trucks to organise VDS Tour competition for second time


Introduced by Renault Trucks more than 10 years ago, the Vehicle Delivery Specialist (VDS) function was created to provide customers with a comprehensive handover process enabling them to get the most out of their new vehicles right from the start. Now, for a second year, Renault Trucks is organising a VDS Tour competition to highlight the importance of these specialists and enhance their skills.

Renault Trucks has been providing a personalised handover service of its vehicles for more than ten years. The manufacturer has formalised this crucial stage of customer relations via a dedicated team known as Vehicle Delivery Specialists (VDS).

Organised between April 2015 and January 2016, 160 of these French specialists competed against each other during the 2nd edition of the VDS Tour. The first trials took place on contestants’ laptop computers using a special application. The first selection was made on the basis of their familiarity with the Renault Trucks range and relevant delivery protocols. The six best competitors were then selected for the finals which took place in Lyon on 14 January 2016. Those taking part had to take a more comprehensive theoretical test and carry out a simulated handover under real-life conditions in front of a jury. The winner was declared to be Jean Fourquier, a VDS from Besançon for the Berthier Group. He was presented with his prize by Philippe Gorjux, Renault Trucks Sales Director (France).

VDS staff show customers all the vehicle’s features and technological aspects so that they can get the most out of their new vehicle right from the start. During the handover, VDS staff follow a detailed step-by-step protocol which is used throughout the country. If the customer wishes, they can also benefit from a short training session in economic driving to save fuel. At the end of the session, VDS staff offer customers a specific maintenance plan to keep maintenance costs under control. France, Renault Trucks’ largest market, has 160 handover specialists in its VDS team and encourages other countries such as Spain, Italy and Belgium to offer a similar service.

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