Renault Trucks launch driving simulator app

Renault Trucks launch driving simulator app



Renault Trucks just launched its truck driving simulator, which helps players get accustomed to Renault Trucks Euro 6 new truck range.

The players will get to drive Renault Trucks T,C ,K and D on the road, in cities or on construction sites. Known as the TruckSimulator, the app offers the general public a wide variety of driving situations which correspond to those drivers can come up against throughout their careers.
Thus, each player has to complete missions and choose them depending on his field of expertise. The game’s goals change depending on the main mission. There are three main missions in the game :

Long Distance assignment:

The player must achieve the highest journey speed, while consuming as little fuel as possible. This is a good training to the eco-driving, one of the hauliers’ priorities.

Heavy Construction and Construction assignment: 

The player’s goal is the entire load on board at all times.

Distribution assignment:

The player delivers parcels in their districts while respecting the urban deliveries restrictions and the speed limits. It is said that the driving simulator can also faithfully transpose real situations in a virtual game. This is a good way of learning, comprehending and imrpoving your driving skills.


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