Renault Trucks Delivers a C8X4 Tridem to French Concrete Specialists
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Renault Trucks Delivers a C8X4 Tridem to French Concrete Specialists


The keys to a Renault Trucks C8x4 Tridem were handed over to BML, the specialist in ready-to-use concrete in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in France earlier today.

It is said that this vehicle is intended for use on worksites in city areas, in particular the Saint-Antoine car park project in Lyon.

The Renault Truck C8x4 Tridem has a short wheelbase of 3200 mm and a fourth steering axle that brings its turning radius down to 900 mm, 10% better than a classic 8×4 and significantly boosting its manoeuvrability. “Our key issue was handling, which is why we wanted a vehicle designed for work on urban projects, which standard worksite trucks often find difficult to access,” explained Philippe Ville.

For Renault Trucks, it is essential that customers are offered transport solutions that are fully suited to the work they do. The Renault Trucks C8x4 Tridem provides an ideal response to the requirements of concrete companies, largely due to its 9 m³ mixer. “The air suspension system on this truck provides our drivers with really comfortable working conditions, enabling them to easily and automatically raise the vehicle to adjust the concrete tipper,” explained BML Director, Philippe Ville. When empty, the back steering axle saves fuel and reduces tyre wear. When loaded, it significantly improves the grip of the vehicle.


BML has a fleet of 200 trucks, mainly Renault Trucks vehicles. “We have been loyal to this brand for many years and appreciate the quality of the vehicles and comfort of the new cabins. The presence of a local network and the quality of the after sales service are also important criteria,” Philippe Ville continued. “As Renault Tracks are also based in the Lyon area, we think this is a logical choice.”


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