PKT Logistics buys 20 Units FOTON Daimler EST
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PKT Logistics buys 20 Units FOTON Daimler EST

Malaysia’s logistic industry is growing and one of the biggest contributors to the growth is PKT Logistics and with their growth comes the need for reliable and efficient equipment and this is why they just took delivery of 20 Foton Daimler EST prime movers.
Foton EST Handover PKT_8823 Foton EST Handover PKT_8824 Foton EST Handover PKT_8825 Foton EST Handover PKT_8826

The EST-A Super Truck is a co-developed product which is a joint venture between China Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive and Germany’s Daimler AG, the world largest commercial vehicle manufacturer.

Also known as Energy Super Truck, the new EST-A comes with the new generation Mercedes-Benz engine for Euro V and Foton-Cummins ISG for Euro III.

The truck is built based on three core technologies – new energy, internet of vehicles and automatic transmission.

Fuel efficiency for the new EST-A Super Truck is increased through its high torque and low RPM technology. The aim is to realise a 30% reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emission, and a 70% increase in overall freight transport efficiency.

A 4-year warranty with unlimited mileage is offered by Foton-Daimler to further enhance customers’ confidence. 

Foton EST Handover PKT_8827 Foton EST Handover PKT_8829
So why the Foton EST?

Total Comfort Enhancements

Simplified-yet-modern exterior, advanced safety system, fuel efficient & comfortable.


Spacious, sedan-inspired interior, double bunk sleeper cabin.

Features 4-point air suspension cabin system.


Optional APU kept the cab at a confortable temperature when engine is turned off.

Powered windows, central locking system and powered sunroof.


High composite soundproof material and design, achieving less than 60 decibels noise during idling.

Enhanced Safety Features

After a series of improvements and upgrades, vehicles feature both mature technology and stable and reliable performance, making it the choice for logistics operations.


ECE R93 European Safety Standard Compliance

Four-point full air suspension technology cabin, which move backward during impact.


iBrake systems with maximum braking force up to 370HP to reduce braking distance.

Downhill braking improves by 50% compares to conventional exhaust brake system.

Larger rear window, ABS+ASR system, three point adjustable seatbelt, LED Day Running Lights.

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