Nissan Presents Eco-Friendly Painting Technology for the Ariya
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Nissan Presents Eco-Friendly Painting Technology for the Ariya

Nissan Ariya Colour

Marking the rise of a new dawn in Nissan electric vehicle design, Nissan has unveiled a brand new palette of ten exterior colours for the Ariya electric SUV.

Eco-friendly painting

With four monotone and six two-tone options, the paint portfolio was crafted to elevate the Ariya’s premium look and feel. Best of all, Nissan said that the new paint will be applied by a highly advanced, environmentally sustainable paint production technology that reduces carbon dioxide output by 25% – substantially reducing the environmental impact of this zero-emissions vehicle.

Nissan Ariya

“The ingenuity the Nissan Ariya represents inspired us to adopt an entirely new mindset for colour design,” said Lesley Busby, Colour Manager at Nissan Design Europe.

“The Ariya is the culmination of Nissan’s electric mobility expertise and a strong statement of intent for the future of EV design. We therefore worked hard to introduce a truly futuristic and technology-driven design language for the colours, analysing them in detail to create the perfect match for Ariya’s innovative personality,” Lesley Busby continued.

Nissan Ariya

Inspired by the Japanese phrase for ‘dawn’, Akatsuki Copper‘s striking appearance mimics the brilliance of a sunrise, reflecting the beginning of Nissan’s new brand identity. Its metallic sparkle is enhanced to evoke the conductivity of copper wires, honouring the model’s advanced EV technology.

Our favourite colour…

Aurora Green takes its name from the beautiful ‘Northern Lights’ phenomenon, aurora borealis, commonly seen in the arctic. A sophisticated blend of different tones means the colour may appear green or purple depending on the angle that it is viewed, creating a sense of wonder and intrigue.

Nissan Ariya

At the heart of Pearl Black is an all-new pigment, developed to elevate the depth of the paint and to create a rich, captivating appearance.

Highly advanced production techniques were employed to achieve a complex, clean and crisp composition with Pearl White, which offers more brilliance and clarity than ever before on a Nissan vehicle. The two-tone appearance is complete with a contrasting rich black roof, using the all-new pigment to achieve an unprecedented level of depth.

White is compulsory

Lesley Busby commented: “We know that black and white colours are some of the most popular options with vehicle owners in Europe and around the world. With Ariya, we have introduced a new level of richness and a premium veneer for these customer favourites. Combined with the quality and attention to detail seen throughout the colour palette, we’re excited for customers to experience Nissan’s new era of colour design for themselves.”

Technological innovation has also been employed to enhance the sustainability of the paint production line. Nissan has introduced a water-based paint which allows colours to be applied at a lower temperature, ensuring that each part of the vehicle can be painted together. This streamlines the entire application process, reducing carbon dioxide output by 25%.

Nissan Ariya interior

Will the Ariya come to Malaysia?

That being said, we still have no idea if the Nissan Ariya would ever make its way to Malaysia. First unveiled in concept form at the 2019 Tokyo International Motor Show, the Ariya is the most technologically advanced Nissan vehicle to date, with the  ProPILOT 2.0 advanced driver assistance system and the ProPILOT Remote Park and e-Pedal features.

Also standard across the Ariya lineup is Nissan’s Safety Shield system. This includes Intelligent Around View Monitor, Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking and Rear Automatic Emergency Braking technology. The Ariya is expected to go on sale in Japan and other markets around the world later this year.

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