New Conti Hybrid is specially designed for regional distribution and fleet use

New Conti Hybrid is specially designed for regional distribution and fleet use

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Continental has responded to the ever growing volume of commercial logistics traffic with its new Conti Hybrid tire family. The Conti Hybrid HS3, the Conti Hybrid Ht3 and the ContiUrban HA3 are now available in all (CTM) Continental tire dealers nationwide.

Frequent braking and acceleration, maneuvering in tight spaces and different load conditions on changing road surfaces place heavy demands on all vehicle components. Tires play an important role here, being the direct link between the vehicle and the road. To meet the challenges presented by daily driving on regional roads, in urban traffic, and also on our many highways, Continental has developed the new Conti Hybrid tire range to be used by light and medium-duty trucks. This range of tires represents a completely new type of tire for combined use on both regional roads and highways. With its specially designed construction, the new Conti Hybrid range is ideal for heavy-duty distribution and fleet use.

In weight-intensive volume transport, optimising every last cubic metre of loading space is essential. Continental has developed new trailer tyres especially for mega liners, which help maximise the permitted total vehicle height of four metres.


The Conti Hybrid HT3 is the latest addition to the Continental portfolio. The new trailer tyres, are characterised by high load capacity and optimal service life, combined with a lower diameter. The new Conti Hybrid HT3 allows for an axle load of nine tonnes. At the same time they allow the best use of the three-metre internal load height, when used on the semitrailers of mega liners.

The optimised contours and balanced load distribution give the trailer tyres an even wear pattern, which helps ensure long service life. The developers have also succeeded in reducing rolling resistance, meaning that the Conti Hybrid HT3 reduce fuel consumption in both regional and long-distance transportation. As a result, both tyres have been awarded a “B” rating for fuel efficiency.

Continental Commercial Vehicle Tires is one of the worlds’ biggest manufacturers of truck, bus, and special tires. The business unit is continually evolving from that of a purely tire manufacturing business to solution provider with a broad range of products, services and solutions for commercial vehicle tires.


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