Mercedes-Benz ECitaro Buses Clock 200k KM In A Year
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Mercedes-Benz ECitaro Buses Clock 200k KM In A Year


Two fully electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro urban buses have covered a combined 200,000 kilometres within the space of exactly one year of tough regular-service operations, proving the reliability and durability of the eCitaro.

Operated by the Egenberger bus company from Thierhaupten near Augsburg, Germany, the buses have saved more than 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Permanent operation for a year

The two regular-service buses don’t just sport attractive decals, but also the blue angel seal of approval for environmental protection and, since 15 July last year, have been in almost permanent operation.

An unusual aspect is that the electric urban buses are used on a 20-km-long regional bus route, meaning the route enjoys high numbers of passengers.

Charge at stops

The batteries of the buses have a capacity of 292 kWh which get charged both at the terminus stops as well as by means of intermediate charging along the route.


Subsidised by the German federal government and the State of Bavaria, this project is limited in time until 2026. The eCitaro buses are used in alternation with the Citaro hybrid.

The latter not only covers the slightly longer 506 line which follows an almost identical route, but also serves as the basis for attractive comparisons.

Heavy traffic

Mileage, energy consumption and CO2 emissions savings can even be called up in real time both on the Egenberger bus company’s website as well as on the site of the AVV public transport network.

Besides their talent as reliable endurance vehicles, the two eCitaro buses offer truly impressive safety and comfort equipment. Coloured LED strips mark the entrance on the outside and the exit on the inside.

Folding ramps

Folding ramps at the doors facilitate access for passengers with limited mobility. Additional glazing on the sides of the vehicle underneath the beltline allows even more light than usual into the already welcoming interior.

Passengers sit on comfortable Inter Star Eco intercity seats with high backrests and leather-clad head restraints. Information is provided on three TFT monitors.

Long list of features

And for those passengers who prefer their own entertainment, the buses are equipped with numerous USB sockets for charging mobile devices and a Wi-Fi router with Internet connection.

Further protective measures include hand sanitiser dispensers and cashless payment of tickets in the bus. Plus, drivers benefit from additional support as the vehicles are equipped with all of the currently available assistance systems.

These include the active braking assistant Preventive Brake Assist and the Sideguard Assist turning aid. To facilitate the task of driving in inner-city traffic, the vehicles feature an electronically actuated speed limiter set at 53 km/h.

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