MAZ Updates Dakar Rally truck
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MAZ Updates Dakar Rally truck


In an effort to enlighten the press with the latest developments revolving around the company’s Dakar Rally participation, Minsk Automobile Plant held a press conference dedicated to the MAZ-SPORTavto team.

Throughout the season “MAZ-SPORTavto” tested new technical solutions aimed at further reducing the weight of racing vehicles. The old “chandelier” of six headlights replaced by new LED lamps. The trucks also have got aluminum fuel tanks, configuration of the front mounting brackets springs was  changed, used a new, lighter driveshaft. There are also some new plastic parts: in new now MAZ trucks have new front fenders, which allowed to lose a few pounds. As a result the new model is 100 kg lighter than old one.

Yaroslavl Engine Plant carried out serious work on adjustment and tuning of the engine for racing trucks. After the update the power of a flagship truck of Sergei Vyazovich was increased to 920 hp. “Dakar-2015” will be the fourth for the Belarusians. The first race was over on the 31th place in the category “Trucks”. The next year “MAZ-SPORTavto” took 21th place, and this year finished on 11th position.

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