MAN ProfiDrive Program to Increase Sustainability
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MAN ProfiDrive Program to Increase Sustainability


MAN ProfiDrive has developed a training program together with timber transport managers at UPM, one of the largest paper producers in Europe, to meet the specific transportation requirements for cut-length logs. Loading crane manufacturer Palfinger and ExTe, specialist supplier of timber transport systems, also added their own expertise to the training modules.

UPM GmbH, which is part of the Finnish UPM Group, places particular emphasis on sustainability and resource-friendly production methods. UPM is constantly striving to reduce the environmental impact of paper products over their complete life cycle.

UPM takes pride in having a responsible approach to business and, in particular, towards its employees. Safety at work is therefore given an extremely high priority – and in paper production, this includes safe transportation of timber from the forest to the manufacturing site.

MAN ProfiDrive and UPM have developed a customised training program specifically for the transportation of cut-length logs. This includes a driving safety module as well training on how to operate the vehicle’s on-board loading crane and secure cargo. A dedicated off-road training module, held on a separate day, completes the training concept. Having a proper understanding of the load and its weight is particularly important for timber transport specialists, as higher levels of moisture in the timber will make the load heavier. The driver has to pay particular attention to this in order to avoid overloading the vehicle.

The majority of the training for the drivers is hands-on and carried out with the drivers’ own vehicles, which further increases the long-term learning effect of the training. In order to motivate the hauliers’ drivers to use what they have learned in their subsequent driving and loading operations, UPM has developed a bonus system which specifically rewards safety-conscious behaviour. This new sector-specific training from MAN ProfiDrive was positively received by all the participants.

In future, this new training module will be extended to other sectors and customers. The principle is to work together with the customer and to combine and expand existing ProfiDrive training modules to produce a training platform which is precisely tailored to individual transportation requirements.

With the addition of this new sector-specific training module, the MAN ProfiDrive portfolio is now even more attractive. It already has a wide variety of training options on offer, including traditional modules for drivers and fleet managers on fuel-efficient driving, safety and off-road driving training, modules for tankers and heavy-duty transporters as well as programs that are specifically tailored to the bus and transporter sectors. MAN ProfiDrive experts will also help drivers through the legally required modules for professional driver certification. MAN ProfiDrive also gives businesses advice on applying for government subsidy programmes, assists with choosing the best packages and provides information on submitting applications.

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