MAN Enters New Segment with the TGE
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MAN Enters New Segment with the TGE


With the MAN TGE, the long-established Munich brand enters the world of transporter vehicles for the first time. What started at 7.5 tonnes in the past now has a total permitted weight of 3.0 tonnes. With the TGE, MAN puts a lightweight commercial vehicle on wheels that convinces users who have worked with its big brothers in the heavy truck industry for many years. Designated TGE sales consultants consistently ensure a tailor-made customer solution.

Full service provider
With an available range between 3.0 and 44 tonnes, MAN is evolving into a full service provider when it comes to having the right solution for every transport task. The new TGE sees MAN transferring all its usual customer oriented services from the truck business into the transporter class. In the process, the best solution for the customer always remains the main focus. Specially trained and schooled staff is available to provide a competent point of contact. Years of experience and smooth integration with various body manufacturers is as much a matter of course as the close cooperation with the respective corporate customers. The cooperative teamwork between customers, body manufacturers, Sales and Service, thus results in the creation of a vehicle which offers the highest utility value throughout its service life. In terms of target groups, MAN is mainly focusing on the logistics and construction sector, but industry-specific requirements from the skilled trades and passenger transportation are also future areas of application for the lightweight “truck” from MAN Truck & Bus. Common features in all applications: With the lowest cW value of 0.33, the lowest fuel consumption in its class and low repair and maintenance costs, the new MAN TGE impresses with the best total cost of ownership (TCO).

Plenty of space and high load capacity
In addition to the closed delivery van and utility wagon with windows, the selection of vehicle bodies is increased with the addition of chassis with single and crew cabs. Of course, the latter can also be ordered ex works with a wide variety of configurations. For the new MAN TGE, there are two wheelbases, three roof heights and three vehicle lengths to choose from. The vehicle lengths for the closed delivery vans range from 5,983 mm to 6,833 mm and even up to a 7,388 mm long MAN TGE with large overhang. The vehicle heights are estimated at 2,340 mm, 2,575 mm, and 2,800 millimetres. The corresponding combination results in a maximum load volume of 18.3 cubic meters. Standard equipment: an LED-lighted bright interior cargo space. The entry-level MAN TGE starts at 3.0 tonnes permitted total weight – with the upper end of the range being 5.5 tonnes. An additional 3.5 tonnes can be added via a trailer coupling. The maximum payload provided by the 3.5 tonne vehicle is extraordinary. In an ideal scenario, it can carry up to 1.5 tonnes of cargo.


Versatility and efficiency in the powertrain
The range of available powertrains is equally extensive. Depending on the permitted total weight, there is a choice between front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, all of which can be coupled with either a 6 gear manual transmission or an 8 gear automatic transmission. With the MAN TGE, a whole new generation of diesel engines is born. It had its debut a good year ago in the globally renowned and successful Volkswagen Transporter, and thus once again embodies long service life and reliability. In addition, the four-cylinder was specially developed with a view to the “hard” requirements of the life of a commercial vehicle. Economy and robustness are at the forefront here, two features which the MAN TGE now combines into a true virtue and promises new optimum economic and ecological values. The range of the 1,968 cm3-large engines comprises versions with 75 kW/102 HP, 90 kW/122 HP, 103 kW/140 HP and 130 kW/177 HP.

Convenience and everyday usefulness in the interior
Behind the steering wheel, the typical commercial vehicle work place is transformed into a true living space in the TGE. Numerous well-thought-out shelves and racks support the driver in his everyday tasks. The driver’s seats, available in four different designs, offer ideal padding and shape for optimal long-distance comfort that leaves no wish unfulfilled. Abrasion-resistant proven covers from the truck series guarantee a long service life.

Highest security with assist system
With the standard EBA (Emergency Brake Assist), MAN makes an essential contribution to traffic safety. Distance sensors serve to check critical distances from the vehicle ahead and help to shorten the stopping distance. The integrated city EBA function also automatically brakes the vehicle at low speeds, thereby reducing one of the most frequent causes of accidents, minimizing downtime and repair costs, and increasing the residual value.

The optional backing up assist helps in situations such as leaving a parking spot. Furthermore, a trailer manoeuvring assist function can also be activated as required. The electromechanical power steering compensates for countersteering forces, such as those that result from crosswinds.

The distance-regulated cruise control ensures a high level of comfort on long stretches of motorway. The fatigue recognition and the multicollision brake increase the overall level of safety: the latter can prevent a subsequent collision with other obstacles or road users.


Excellent service
Furthermore, the new series benefits from the professional service offered by MAN: This is known for its uncomplicated help even without an appointment at the workshop, its fast help for weekend and night-time emergencies, as well as the extensive opening hours. The focus of the service extends equally to entire vehicles as it does to flexible maintenance and repair contracts. Warranty extensions, a mobility guarantee and a 24 hour breakdown service round off the scope of workshop services.

Furthermore, MAN offers custom-tailored financial services that assist the fleet manager as well as the owner at purchasing level and throughout the vehicle’s service life.

For continuous professional development of the drivers, a variety of courses can be booked under the label MAN ProfiDrive. Here various modules are used to train drivers on how to behave in an emergency, how to drive economically and how to properly secure cargo. With these services, the user and the owner can put together an all-round worry-free package, which is rarely found in the lightweight commercial vehicle segment.

Digital Van Solutions
And if that is not enough, round-the-clock service and full knowledge of the vehicle are increasingly becoming parameters that determine the success of a company. Highest profits can only be achieved if a company knows where their work equipment is at any given time and what condition it is in. A new fleet management solution, which is unique in the entire van sector, will in future collect all relevant data and make it available via various digital services. These added value services are available ex works or as retrofits and can provide information regarding maintenance status as well as the overall availability of the fleet.

The new MAN TGE will be on sale from March next near. Production starts in April 2017. The market launch in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands will take place two months later. Additional countries in Europe will take delivery of the new MAN in autumn.

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