MAN celebrates 60 years of its Munich plant
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MAN celebrates 60 years of its Munich plant


MAN celebrated the 60th anniversary of its Munich plant by holding a big family open day for its employees and their families on Saturday 25 July 2015. Approximately 30,000 guests graced the huge event.

The anniversary also saw a parade of historic trucks which went on for a few hours.

According to MAN, the vintage vehicles are testament to the years of the economic miracle in Germany and the early days of long-haul transportation. The oldest truck, a MAN 620 L1 tipper, dates back to 1957 and boasts an 120 hp, 8.3 litre engine – impressive for the time.

It was joined by the 115 hp MAN 415 F, known as the ‘Pausbacke’ [chubby cheeks], from 1968, which is a nostalgic reminder of long-haul transportation from days gone by. Another impressive sight will be the cement silo semitrailer combination from 1960, featuring a MAN 750 towing vehicle and boasting 145 hp. And finally, the MAN 19.361 cab over engine with 360 hp and 12 litre engine will showcase the latest in low fuel consumption standards from 1985.

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