Madrid starts ‘moving gardens’ project
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Madrid starts ‘moving gardens’ project

Madrid has also put forth an innovative way to tackle CO2 emission – growing gardens atop city buses, hoping that plants will help soak some amount of carbon emissions. The city’s administration is implementing a project named “move in green” that installs roof-top garden patches on city buses, made of metallic meshes and sedum or other plants used in rooftop gardening atop houses popular in western countries. Bus shelters are not spared either.


Sophisticated water proofing and sustainable materials are used in this project, so that there is no leakage of water or slushy mud into the bus’s cabin. They should also withstand movement and jolting of buses. It costs around 2,500 Euros to install gardening on a single bus, hinting at its undesirable cost-viability in developing countries like India. Moreover, this gardening patch is unlikely to withstand the tropical weather conditions of our country, coupled with periodic maintenance woes.

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