Lionel Messi becomes Tata global ambassador
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Lionel Messi becomes Tata global ambassador


Tata Motors recently announced that it has named football superstar Lionel Messi its new global ambassador.

Tata said that it will kick-off the association campaign called ‘#madeofgreat’ with Messi as the star. The company added that the campaign is built around the marque’s philosophy of “providing best-in-class innovations in the passenger vehicles segment with a combination of stunning design, thrilling performance and exciting new technologies.

“I am very excited about my first association with an Indian brand and am extremely thrilled to be a part of the Tata Motors family. I have always been fascinated by India and have heard such great things about this diverse country. I was once in India with Argentina National Team and I hope to visit it again. Tata Motors is a true representation of India and a well-established brand, globally. It is important to believe in yourself and keep pushing to achieve success and that is what the first campaign stands for. I hope together we are able to inspire many more.” said Messi, the Barcelona striker.

Mayank Pareek, president passenger vehicle business unit for the brand, added: “We are very excited to have Lionel Messi on board. He is talent galore with conviction & is an icon for today’s youth. Watching him play football is magical.”

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