JK Tyre JETRACING, 1st-Ever Truck Racing Tyre

JK Tyre JETRACING, 1st-Ever Truck Racing Tyre

Just like any other component, the tyres play a significant role to keep the trucks on the track. It was JK Tyre JETRACING, the first-ever truck racing tyre in India from JK Tyre, which took responsibility in Season 1. Now, JK Tyre is all set to demonstrate its superiority of its products in the Indian motorsport arena yet again. All the experts and the international truck drivers trusts these tyres.

The latest tyre has been developed using new design technique of ‘Tapered tread profile’ completed with ‘HE wire’ and ‘special wire wrap’, these tyres are capable to run up to a speed of 160 Km/hr. These tyres are an example of JK Tyre’s superior research and product development capabilities. Measuring at 315/80R22.5, the tyre is designed with special low heat and high traction compound to meet the most gruelling braking conditions of a racing circuit. With the second season of partnership of JK Tyre and T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship, they are confident the race drivers will enjoy pumping up the speeds.


There is a lot of difference between a normal tyre and a race spec tyre. These difference wouldn’t make much difference for a layman but an expert knows how small things could be responsible for a glorious victory or vice-versa. The difference between a usual road tyre and JETRACING tyre is that the contact patch of the latter is optimized to meet the unfathomable turning requirements of a racing circuit. Going deeper into the technicalities, the asymmetric tread pattern is designed for better handling on a dry pavement. It has asymmetric shoulder drop with a rounded outer shoulder for a balanced cornering and lateral stability. The shallow circumferential grooves with optimized groove sections provide the much needed excellent heat dissipation. The belt package is optimized in terms of lay and angle for excellent tread stiffness that enhances the steering and handling ability.

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