In-cab video monitoring with telematics brings big benefits to truck fleets


One of the biggest concerns fleet managers have is the safety of their drivers and operators and there is no better way to improve the safety of trucks and equipment than technology. The key to lowering accident rates and improving driver behavior is a combination of hardware, training, corporate buy-in, analysis and feedback.

Distracted driving is an epidemic on highways and the numbers are staggering. In North America alone,

  • 68% of drivers admit they talk on their cell phones
  • 1.6 million crashes a year are attributed to distracted driving
  • 3,328 deaths a year are attributed to distracted driving
  • 421,000 injuries are caused by distracted driving

While there are systems that can block cell phone signals in cars, cell phones are only part of the distracted driving problem. Incidents are also caused by reading, grooming, eating, reaching for objects, day dreaming or conversations with passengers.

For that reason, in-cab video cameras are the best solution. The systems are fairly simple. They record video constantly but regularly erase the video if no “trigger events,” or incidents, are encountered. The backend analysis of the driver behavior though in-vehicle sensors can bring lots of economic benefits even if an accident is never recorded.

With these you can analyze who your best and worst drivers are, identify specific bad habits on certain drivers and coach drivers on how to improve their skills. The immediate benefit is a reduction in fuel costs, but drivers taking better care of the vehicles will also lower tire and maintenance costs up to 12% over the long run. Time to invest.

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