Honda Will Only Make 350 Units of the NSX Type S
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Honda Will Only Make 350 Units of the NSX Type S

Honda NSX Type S

Honda today released initial information on the new limited production NSX Type S, which is scheduled to be officially introduced before the end of the month. 

Honda NSX Type S

According to Honda, the history of the second-generation NSX will conclude in December 2022 when the final NSX Type S is produced.

Bye Bye Honda NSX

The NSX Type S is the culmination of the challenges Honda took on for the second-generation NSX, and it is a special model Honda developed as an expression of gratitude toward customers who have loved NSX to date.

Honda NSX Type S

The development team pursued the further improvement of driving performance and the sharp and beautiful presence and strived to offer the “joy of driving” and “joy of driving a vehicle at the will of the driver” as well as the “joy of owning” a special vehicle.

Limited to 350 Units

With the addition of a new, limited matte color, the NSX Type S will be launched with limited sales of 350 units worldwide (30 units in Japan, 320 units outside Japan).

Honda NSX Type S

Sources have reported that power will be supplied by a powertrain package comprising an enhanced version of the current 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 engine and a hybrid system.

Performance figures have not been disclosed yet, but looking at the teaser images and videos, there could be either a drift mode or RWD mode. Our guess is that the All-wheel drive system will continue to be standard.


The first-generation NSX, which went on sale in 1990, realized a significant weight reduction by adopting an all-aluminum monocoque body, a world’s first for mass-production vehicles.

Honda NSX Type S

As a new-generation midship sportscar that brought together state-of-the-art technologies of the time and achieved both excellent dynamic performance and ease of driving at a high level, the first-generation NSX was well received by customers around the world.

While holding firm to the concept of “human-centered supercar” inherited from the first-generation NSX and adopting Honda’s original and advanced electrification technologies, the second-generation NSX was developed and introduced in 2016 to provide more customers with the “joy of driving” generated by a sense of oneness between the driver and vehicle.

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