Hiroshi Takahashi is the new MD of Hino Motors Malaysia
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Hiroshi Takahashi is the new MD of Hino Motors Malaysia


Hiroshi Takahashi has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Hino Motor Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, succeeding Atsushi Uchiyama.

Hiroshi Takahashi officially started his role on October 1, 2023. With two decades of experience in Vehicle Sales and After-Sales Services, Takahashi began his career at Hino Motors LTD, Japan, in 2004.

During his 16-year tenure there, he has made contributions to the After-Sales Planning and New Vehicle Sales Planning departments. In between those years, he also supported Kyushu-Hino Motors, one of Japan’s largest dealers, for 3 years.

Takahashi was responsible for operational efficiency and optimizing workshop capacity utilization, when he was leading the After-Sales Service Planning team. Notably, this included making improvements in the appointment system, recruitment support, and the implementation of Kaizen (improvement) activities to enhance areas with potential for improvement.

These initiatives were crucial at that time as Japanese dealers grappled with severe manpower shortages and customer maintenance appointments were limited due to full capacity. Stepping into his new role at Hino Malaysia, Takahashi aspires to enhance existing operational practices internally and externally, with a strong emphasis on intensifying vehicle sales and after-sales efforts.

These efforts are important to ensure the satisfaction and happiness of Hino’s customers, dealers, and business partners for long-term success in business. In addition to the commitment to excellence, the welfare and happiness of Hino’s employees are to be prioritized, as they serve as the backbone of the company.

Takahashi further emphasized Hino’s commitment to putting technology and innovation as integral components of their strategy to optimize operational processes. Hino Malaysia aims to ensure increased efficiency and seamless functioning, all aligned with the core mission: ‘Maximize Customer Vehicle Uptime and Minimize Vehicle Lifetime Cost’.

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