Here are four routes for your next road trip

Here are four routes for your next road trip


Celebrate Malaysia’s most scenic routes with Hypergear

Hypergear, the provider of waterproof bags, recently introduced its Merdeka campaign, offering a line of specially curated bags designed for cyclists and motorists.

This campaign aims to equip individuals with the perfect gear to embark on a riding journey through scenic routes and fully appreciate the beauty of Malaysia.

“At Hypergear, we are very thrilled to launch our Merdeka campaign, showcasing our specially curated line of quality bags for cyclists and motorists,” said Irene Lee, Marketing Manager of Hypergear Malaysia.

“As the go-to brand for bikers and motorists, we understand the adventurous lifestyle and the importance of reliable gear for your cycling and biking trips throughout Malaysia’s heritage.”

That being said, here are a few routes which you can embark on your next adventure, as suggested by Hypergear:

  1. Putrajaya to Melaka
Hypergear Melaka

2. Kuala Kubu Bharu to Fraser’s Hill

Hypergear KKB

3. Kuala Klawang to Karak

Hypergear Karak

4. Cameron Highlands to Sungai Koyan

Hypergear Camerons

Don’t know what to bring? Just refer to the list below:

Hypergear gear

As cyclists and motorists venture out on their journeys, they seek more than just transportation. They yearn for the freedom to explore scenic places, indulge in a picturesque journey, and have all the essentials packed for a hassle-free adventure. Understanding this, Hypergear has meticulously crafted a range of bags to cater to these desires.

Now that you have a list of routes, destinations, and a complete checklist of what to equip yourself with, just pick the right dates and hit the road with the wide range of Hypergear waterproof bags, and experience the freedom of exploring Malaysia’s scenic landscapes, knowing that your belongings are safe and protected.

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