Ford Transit as a Reebok Mobile Gym

Ford Transit as a Reebok Mobile Gym

Ford and Reebok have got together to encourage people to get fit with a Transit-based mobile gym christened “FitTruck”, which is embarking on a seven-week, 2,000-mile tour of the eastern United States. The van will be the hub of various popup gyms, competitions, and other events.


The FitTruck is a Ford Transit 250 with a 3.2-liter, 185 horsepower, 475Nm Powerstroke diesel engine connected to a six-speed automatic gearbox. The high roof, 174-inch (4420 millimeter) wheelbase body has been fitted out with four removable seats, and custom flooring, lighting, headliner, and partition by TransitWorks.


Reebok’s spokesperson said: “FitTruck embodies the idea that the gym is everywhere and fitness can truly take place anywhere – a city, a park or your own home. Today, everything can be made mobile, from food trucks, to retailing clothing and accessories, to basic health care and beyond. It just made sense to take this concept and use it to promote something healthy.”


The Ford Transit has a track record of taking on the toughest situations drivers can throw at it, whether navigating a construction site or an urban landscape. Likewise, embracing a healthy, fit lifestyle allows people to handle the toughest life can throw at them, both mentally and physically.


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