Emission standards today and for the future
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Emission standards today and for the future

Today’s Euro VI standard enforces a large reduction in pollutants, with over 99% reduction in Particulate Matter and over 97% reduction in NOx – both a danger to human health. CO2 is not currently included in any truck emissions standard as it is not a regulated emission. However, It is directly linked to fuel use, with a 5% saving in fuel being a 5% reduction in CO2.

Moving forward, no one is quite sure what Euro VII will address and when it will be implemented, but it is highly likely that it will feature a CO2 measurement for the first time.

Fighting growing emissions

Making up just 3% of vehicles on EU roads, lorries are responsible for 25% of road transport emissions and ca. 6% of total EU emissions. That share is increasing; between 1990 and 2010 lorry emissions rose by 36%, and without action they could increase by another 22% by 2030 (source).

The majority of trucks on the road are diesel powered, and there is now growing concern over the links between diesel emissions and human health problems. Already five EU countries, including the UK, are urging the European Commission to push ahead with tighter emission controls for HDVs in Europe.

The technology to make trucks more efficient is here

Emissions standards and advanced testing procedures will play a vital role in cutting emissions post-the Paris Climate Summit, but fuel-saving truck technology can play a huge role too. According to European Commission studies, the technology we need to make trucks 35% more efficient without increasing the cost of ownership for hauliers is already here. Better aerodynamics, tires, incremental powertrain improvements and advanced technologies such as waste heat recovery and hybridisation all play a part.

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