Daimler to export Mercedes-Benz buses from India
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Daimler to export Mercedes-Benz buses from India


Daimler AG recently announced that it is preparing to export Mercedes-Benz luxury buses to markets in Africa and South East Asia from its plant in Chennai, India. According to Daimler, this will be the first time for Mercedes-Benz to export a high end product out of India.

Having exported 150 bus chassis to Egypt already, Daimler AG is currently in the midst of negotiating with Indonesia and Africa. It is said that the company may begin export as soon as next year.

Daimler’s bus manufacturing facility in Chennai currently has an initial capacity of 1500 units, which is expected to be expanded to 4000 units within the next few years.

The plant manufactures buses with gross vehicle weight of 9, 16 and above 16 ton range, in both double and triple axles with front and rear engine configuration.

The company is also expected to launch the buses in the domestic market in the third quarter of 2015. With these new range of buses, Daimler will cater to both private and government buys, which includes school buses, tourist buses and intercity coach buses accounting for 15,000 units per annum said the company.

Calling it the second wave of growth in India, Daimler India Commercial Vehicle unveiled a range of trucks and buses – under Bharat Benz and Mercedes Benz brand and higher horsepower 31 tonner deep mining trucks and 49 tonner local heavy duty tractor.

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