Dai Lieng Machinery Sdn Bhd’s 3rd Volvo dealership relocates to a new facility with cutting edge features

Volvo Malaysia’s official Sandakan dealership operated by Dai Lieng Machinery Sdn Bhd has recently been upgraded to a new cutting-edge facility in a continued effort to uphold its reputation for reliability, excellent aftermarket services and customer satisfaction. Bringing the partnership to a whole new level, Dai Lieng Machinery invested RM7.9 million into this new facility which offers a full range of services and on-site facilities. This is to cater to customers primarily from the state’s east coast.

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The Sandakan dealership is Dai Lieng Machinery’s third after its Volvo Trucks dealerships in Kota Kinabalu and Miri. The company, whose core business activities include sales of construction machinery, material handling and land transportation and industrial equipment, has maintained a solid partnership with Volvo Trucks since 2008. The upgraded Sandakan dealership further enhances Volvo’s network points. In East Malaysia, there are 2 dealerships in Sabah and four in Sarawak which delivers a combination of sales and aftermarket services for both Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses. In total, Volvo Malaysia Sdn Bhd today has 13 network points nationwide, with seven located in Peninsular Malaysia.

“With over three decades of experience and an extensive customer base, Dai Lieng Machinery is constantly striving to improve ourselves to provide excellent aftermarket services to our customers, and backed by Volvo Trucks’ global technological know-how, we are proud to announce the opening of our new facility here in Sandakan,” said Michael Tiong, Managing Director of Dai Lieng Machinery. “We offer products that are environmentally-friendly which has a strong reputation for safety alongside unparalleled after-market support to our customers in line with Volvo Trucks’ goals. Together, we hope to continue our strong, long-lasting partnership to provide our customers the best product that fits their requirements.”

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He added that the new dealership is strategically located as it is within easy reach of customers which allows Dai Lieng to provide them with fast and prompt service delivered by Volvo’s well-trained mechanics and skilled staff.

The upgrade in Sandakan is an ongoing chapter of Volvo Malaysia’s network strategy plan which has previously seen upgrades done to Sibu and Ipoh in 2015 and the launch of the Volvo Trucks flagship in Port Klang in 2016. Volvo Trucks aim to raise the bar in retail excellence by providing better facilities to improve productivity, service quality and customer satisfaction and most importantly, reduce the average travel distance between each of its dealer points to within three hours.

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Jerome Wong, Vice President of Sales and Logistics, Volvo Malaysia Sdn Bhd said the upgraded dealership was a testament of Volvo’s commitment and continued capabilities to provide excellent aftermarket services based on global standards to local customers, adding that the dealership would also support customers of Volvo Buses.

“Volvo Trucks has successfully implemented our network strategy plan since we began operations in Malaysia. With the appointment of Dai Lieng Machinery in 2008 as our official partner with setups in Miri, Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan, we can see a continuous growth trend,” he said. “Together with their strong reputation and Volvo’s well-founded global presence, we are confident of maintaining our successful track record and fortifying our relationship with our stakeholders.”

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With both Volvo Trucks and Dai Lieng Machinery geared to provide excellent aftermarket service, customers can rely on a well-trained team to provide on-site service to fleet owners at their convenience.

In celebration of its newly-upgraded facility, the Volvo Trucks dealership in Sandakan is currently offering attractive promotions including FREE Volvo Truck Inspection and discounts up to 70% on Genuine Volvo Parts. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please contact 089-673888 or email to sandakan@dailieng.com.my.

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