Can diesel vehicles survive as private vehicles?

Can diesel vehicles survive as private vehicles?

Diesel powered vehicle will have a chance if a fast-growing, densely populated, relatively wealthy countries decided to embrace the technology. But why would an emerging region like ASEAN want to welcome the NOx and particulate matter that the EU nations were willing to allow to help reduce CO2 emissions?

With hybrid and electric vehicle technology moving ahead faster than expected, we can assume that the world of diesel powered cars will slowly come to and end in 20-30 years’ time, probably by industry estimates.

As batteries get cheaper and EVs (electric vehicle) get cheaper to produce, the move towards diesel will reduce. Diesel fuel will continue to be in demand for the logistics industry and public transportation. The again, electric buses and NGV trucks are getting popular.

The next generation if car buyers, our children, are growing up looking towards greener motoring. They want electric cars they see in movies and not even hybrids. They want self-driving cars because the want to spend more time reading, playing online games and watching YouTube. The joy of driving is diminishing just like the joy of a V8 muscle car.


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