Bosch launches ‘One Wrong Part Ruins Everything’ campaign in Malaysia

Bosch launches ‘One Wrong Part Ruins Everything’ campaign in Malaysia

Bosch (02) - Bosch launches 'One Wrong Part Ruins Everything' campaign in Malaysia

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia launched the #GetItRight Workshop as part of its ‘One Wrong Part Ruins Everything’ campaign. The campaign encourages drivers to think about their car use and emphasizes not to underestimate the importance of how the smallest parts within a vehicle can make a difference.

As part of the campaign, Bosch Malaysia revealed statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) 2015 report, which found Malaysia’s traffic-related death-to-population ratio stands at an alarming level of 24.0 to 100,000 – more than five times the rate of neighboring country, Singapore.

“Like majority of road users, Malaysians often do not realize that even the smallest part in a vehicle can compromise the safety of the driver and passengers. Bosch Malaysia introduces the ‘One Wrong Part Ruins Everything’ campaign in hopes to reduce number of road accidents as more drivers learn the importance of equipping their cars with quality and reliable car parts. As a leading global automotive parts supplier, Bosch utilizes innovative German engineering technology to keep vehicles in Asia moving safely,” enthused Pang Yoon Kong, Country Manager of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, Malaysia at the launch of the #GetItRight Workshop.

Bosch (03) - Bosch launches 'One Wrong Part Ruins Everything' campaign in Malaysia

Also present at the #GetItRight Workshop of the ‘One Wrong Part Ruins Everything’ campaign was well-known Malaysian celebrity, Awal Ashaari.

“Being a safe and responsible driver takes a combination of knowledge, skill and attitude. Apart from driving safely, it is a driver’s responsibility to maintain a car so that it does not become hazardous to the driver and passengers. As I often drive my family members around, I take extra care in car maintenance and driving as I have a lot at stake,” said Awal.

Awal went on to share some simple checks on his vehicle that he performs on his own. “One of the first things I check is the condition of my wipers. With Bosch’s Advantage Wiper, I can very quickly change the wipers myself and there’s no need to bring my car to a workshop. No downtime.”

The workshop featured a #StartWithBosch DIY vehicle maintenance session where participants were taught typical vehicle maintenance routine, including checks on the engine oil level, brake fluid level, battery life cycle and condition of the wiper blades.

Bosch (04) - Bosch launches 'One Wrong Part Ruins Everything' campaign in Malaysia

Ensuring the condition of your vehicle ahead of the “Balik Kampung” rush

According to the AAA Foundation of Traffic Safety in the United States, 90 per cent of decisions made while driving are based on information acquired through the eyes. Effective wiper blades for an unobstructed view of the road in the rain is paramount to a driver’s safety. However, of all vehicle parts which are subject to wear and tear, wiper blades are often the most neglected.

In Malaysia, much attention is directed towards the alarmingly high frequency of road accidents during the “Balik Kampung” period. Bosch Malaysia introduced its new Bosch Advantage Wiper ahead of the “Balik Kampung” rush this Aidilfitri holiday, to improve the safety of vehicle occupants by providing unrivalled wiping performance and endurance for enhanced road visibility.

“Impairing the driver’s visibility of the road can lead to extreme circumstances and no driver should make do with streaky windshields. With the introduction of the new Bosch Advantage Wiper, we encourage Malaysians to #GetItRight and #StartWithBosch by checking the condition of their wiper blades and replace them before “Balik Kampung”,” added Pang.

Bosch (05) - Bosch launches 'One Wrong Part Ruins Everything' campaign in Malaysia

Having had extensive experience in designing and manufacturing quality wiper systems since 1927, Bosch released the new Advantage Wiper featuring an exclusive “tropicalized rubber” that is resistant to cracks and damage from long-term ozone and sunlight exposure. Specially engineered for Asia, even under the harsh weather conditions in Malaysia, the new Bosch Advantage Wipers are able to deliver exceptional wiping endurance, performing almost as well as it is first installed, even after 200,000 wipe cycles.

Equipped with an all-steel construction, the new Bosch Advantage Wiper provides superior corrosion resistance and all-weather protection. Highlighting its hassle-free feature, the new Bosch Advantage Wiper includes a highly compatible “Fast-fit” adaptor to suit more than 95% of vehicles in Asia.

The new Bosch Advantage Wiper is now available at RM35.00 for a pair on Lazada and major car accessories shops.

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