Big Rig 5700XE Launched In North America
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Big Rig 5700XE Launched In North America


For all you fans of large and imposing American Iron, Western Star has now unveiled the new 5700XE model. “XE” – which stands for extreme efficiency – “summarizes exactly what this new truck is all about,” says Michael Jackson, general manager, Western Star. “By blending legendary Western Star ruggedness together with aerodynamic innovations, and the most fuel efficient powertrain available, we have built a powerful solution that is the best of both worlds – and unlike anything else on the road today.”

The 5700XE boasts all-new features such as an aerodynamic hood, roof, chassis and cab fairings reduce drag and increase efficiency.

Additional performance features include:

•A new sweptback four-piece bumper with an under-bumper valance that contributes to aerodynamic efficiency.

•New halogen headlights that are optimized for aerodynamic performance and excellent visibility.

•A state-of-the-art visor specifically engineered to work with the impressive slope in the hood’s rear air ramp to direct airflow over the cab without an aerodynamic penalty.

•Roof and cab fairings that sweep back for tighter trailer gap and help direct air flow over and around the trailer.

•Optional chassis side fairings that reduce drag by up to 6 percent while still providing easy access to batteries and DEF (Adblue) tank.

The Western Star Twin Force dual air intake, which feeds a massive centrally mounted air filter to improve efficiency The 5700XE can also be spec’d with the Detroit DD16® engine, which, with up to 600 horsepower, delivers the maximum power many Western Star customers require; or the Detroit DD13® engine for regional and weight-conscious customers. The truck comes standard with the Detroit DT12™ automated manual transmission that can be mated to any of the Detroit engines offered. Customers can also select the new integrated Detroit Powertrain. Featuring the new downsped DD15 engine rated at 400 horsepower and 1750 foot-pound torque, DT12 transmission with Intelligent Powertrain Management and Detroit axles with specific configurations and gearing, the integrated Powertrain is engineered to work together to achieve the highest level of efficiency. Well it certainly looks the part.


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