Auto stop-start for 2017 Ford F-150 & Raptor
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Auto stop-start for 2017 Ford F-150 & Raptor

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

Starting with the next model year, all F-150 EcoBoost models equipped with the 2.7L or 3.5L V-6 and Raptor will have the feature as standard. As with the current 2.7L models, the function can be manually overridden and the truck will automatically disable the feature when in four-wheel drive or when towing. Auto stop-start has been found to improve fuel economy as much as 10% in congested, urban conditions, when a significant amount of time is spent waiting at stoplights or stopped on congested highways.


Auto stop-start has been a common feature in European models for many years. Early iterations of the technology were panned for their crude, abrupt operation, causing many drivers to instinctively override the feature. However, Ford has been able to create one of the smoothest-operating auto stop-start systems in the business, thanks to the company’s expertise with hybrid vehicles.

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