Actros 2442 StreamSpace for quarry work
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Actros 2442 StreamSpace for quarry work

The latest Mercedes-Benz additions to the fleet of quarrying, civil engineering and construction group Leiths were specified to maximise payloads, with fuel efficiency and safety also high on the Scottish operator’s priority list.

The five Actros 2442 StreamSpace tractor units arrived via the Aberdeen branch of Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles, the manufacturer’s newly-crowned Truck Dealer of the Year. They ride on full sets of alloys while their mid-lift axles are fitted with small, 17.5-inch wheels. Other weight-saving measures include light PTOs and blowing equipment driven directly from the prop shaft. As a result they are almost a tonne lighter than Leiths’ last batch of ‘standard’ Actros, which have 22.5-inch wheels on their mid-lift axles.

Safety was also key and the Mercedes-Benz Actros leads the field in this regard. Standard equipment includes Stability Control Assist, which can intervene to control the vehicle in situations where there is a risk of a roll-over; Attention Assist, which detects and warns against signs of driver fatigue; and Lane Keeping Assist, which can prevent the truck unintentionally drifting out of its lane.

Images by Roddy Mackay for Impact Communications

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