MAN TGX EfficientLine offers 6% fuel savings
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MAN TGX EfficientLine offers 6% fuel savings

This is the third generation of the MAN TGX EfficientLine, which offers a 6.0% fuel saving over its predecessor. A TGS 18.420 enabled customers from the tank and silo transport sector to see for themselves the impressive payload capacities and driving safety system performance of the new MAN TGS model range, which made up half of the roadshow fleet due to the diversity of its models. The line-up included the TGS 18.360 all-wheel drive chassis as a winter service vehicle and a TGS 26.500 6×4 timber transport vehicle with additional hydrostatic front-wheel drive for driving on rough forest tracks. The high performance of the MAN TGS model range in construction applications was demonstrated by a TGS 35.500 8×4 three-way tipper with a particularly manoeuvrable 1+3 axle arrangement with steered and liftable trailing axle, a TGS 32.420 8×4 cement mixer chassis and a heavy-duty crane, likewise mounted on a TGS 8×4 base vehicle and equipped with the new top-of-the-range D26 engine with an output of up to 500 hp.


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