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Mitsubishi ASX continues to surprise the segment with its features…..we have the list here


Individual, innovative, versatile and capable, the Mitsubishi ASX is the smart and efficient compact crossover with a conscience which is designed to fit its owners’ lives like a glove. ASX stands for ‘Active Smart Crossover’. The ASX sits on a Lancer platform which gives it a car footprint with SUV-style seating. With its easy entry and SUV driving position, the ASX makes a strong case for retired people, ladies with a height disadvantage and drivers with bad backs. Now the offers are great with a price bonus of up to RM10,000. The 4WD ASX pricing is just RM129,101.43 before the earlier mentioned price bonus.

This ASX boasts Mitsubishi’s best cabin presentation. It has a good driving position, switch placement and operation, build quality, and overall aesthetics. The dashboard and door panel surfaces have been replaced by a nice to look and feel rubberised trim that is welcomed. The instrument panel is the same as before and so is the rest of the cabin.

The engine remains a 2.0 DOHC MIVEC 16-valve engine that produces 150ps and 197Nm of torque and this is mated to the New INVEC-III CVT (gearbox) with Sports Mode. Fuel Efficiency: 13.2km/litre….this is average driving cycle.

mitsubishi ASX1

So what are the many features you get with the ASX?

– 7 Airbags (4WD)

– Paddle Shifters (4WD)

– Traction Control (4WD)

– ABS with EBD + Brake Assist

– Hill Start Assist / HSA (4WD)

– Active Stability Control / ASC (4WD)

– Push Start and Keyless Operation (4WD)

– Projector Headlamps with Headlamp Levelling

– Electronic Time & Alarm Control System / ETACS

– Seatbelts with Pre-Tensioners and Force Limiters

– Foldable Rear Armrest with Cup Holders

– Fully Independent Suspension System

– 60:40 Split Foldable Rear Seatback

– Best Turning Radius of 5.3 meters

– Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel

– Fully Automatic Air-Conditioner

– Auto Retractable Side Mirrors

– Panoramic Glass Roof (4WD)

– Auto Rain & Light Sensor

– Daytime Running Lights

– 400 litres Trunk Space

– Cruise Control (4WD)

– Shark Fin Antenna

– 17” Alloy Rims

– Leather Seats

– Rear Parking Sensors

– Steering Wheel Audio Control

– Reverse Camera (2WD HS & 4WD)

– Front Parking Sensors (2WD HS & 4WD)

– Audio with Navigation, Bluetooth & VAPS (2WD HS & 4WD)


Should an accident be unavoidable, the ASX’s body has been designed using Mitsubishi’s RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) philosophy. The ASX features strengthening in key body areas and provides energy dissipation paths for collision forces should an impact occur. The ASX’s brake pedal is designed to reduce protrusion in the event of an accident, while whiplash-reducing seating limits backwards movement of the head and neck in the event of rear collisions.

As we’ve seen, it’s not just its occupants the ASX helps protect, but pedestrians too. The ASX features a double-bulge bonnet design with a crushable zone for pedestrians, plastic front wings and an energy-absorbing front bumper which incorporates leg injury mitigation measures for pedestrians.

The result of Mitsubishi’s safety efforts has resulted in an excellent 5-Star passenger and 60% pedestrian rating in the independent Euro NCAP crash testing ratings.

mitsubishi ASX2

*The above mentioned promo & features are for selected variant only,T&C apply.



Nexteer to Develop Electric Power Steering for Dongfeng Vehicles


Nexteer Automotive, a global leader in intuitive motion control, has signed an agreement to form a joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Parts and Components Group Co., Ltd. (Dongfeng Components).

The joint venture, equally owned by both parties, will design and manufacture electric power steering (EPS) systems for Dongfeng Motor Group Company Limited (Dongfeng Group) and its affiliated companies.

“The formation of a joint venture between Nexteer and Dongfeng Components signifies an expanded relationship in which both companies will greatly benefit,” said Tao Liu, senior vice president and global chief operating officer, Nexteer Automotive. “By providing our advanced steering technologies specifically tailored to the needs of our customers like Dongfeng, we continue to increase our presence in the growing Chinese market which is a core component of Nexteer’s strategy for profitable growth.”

Nexteer’s business in the Asia-Pacific region now accounts for 24 percent of the company’s total revenue, nearly doubling in the past three years. In 2016, Nexteer launched 21 new major customer programs in the region and has since been expanding manufacturing capabilities to meet demand. Nexteer currently provides EPS for several Dongfeng affiliated vehicles, including the Peugeot 2008 crossover. Pending regulatory approval, the joint venture will become a strategic in-house producer of passenger vehicle EPS within the Dongfeng Group.

“We continue to seek strategic alliances with OEMs and other business partners,” said Mike Richardson, president and executive board member, Nexteer Automotive. “The opportunity to join Dongfeng Components in a unique role of JV partner and producer of EPS for future vehicle platforms further expands our presence in the Asia-Pacific region and contributes to our overall revenue growth objectives.”

After clearing regulatory approvals, the joint venture facility will be strategically located in close proximity to the Dongfeng Group headquarters in Wuhan, China.


ISUZU D-MAX & mu-X discount promotions for this month only

Isuzu is giving some great discounts on the award winning pickup trucks and their stylish 7-seater SUVs.

  • Single Cab – RM4,000
  • Hi-Ride 4×2 – RM4,000
  • Standard (M) – RM4,000
  • Standard (A) – RM6,000
  • Premium (M) – RM2,000

The Isuzu D-Max Z-Prestige offers are as follows, The Isuzu D-Max has been proven to be one of the toughest and most fuel efficient pick-up trucks in the market, having traversed the heart of Sabah’s interior numerous times over the years in the Borneo Safari off-road challenge while remaining the undefeated Asian Auto Fuel Efficiency Award trophy holder for a record 6 consecutive times.

For the mu-X 7 east SUV the offers are even more surprising. The Type S mu-X-discount is RM10,000 for both the automatic gearbox driven 4×4 version and also the 2×4 version. 

This mu-X is equipped with the 4JK1-TC 2.5-liter diesel engine which is reputed to be one of the world’s most robust. It is fitted with Common Rail Direct Injection and an intercooled Variable Geometry System (VGS) turbocharger, which alters the direction of where exhaust gases flow. This optimizes turbine response at low engine speeds, eliminating the delayed power delivery known as “turbo lag,” which is common to non-VGS engines.


The new 4JK1-TC engine also furthers Isuzu’s core values of being reliable, durable and fuel-efficient. Its lifetime steel timing chain and anti-friction melt-in cylinder liners are among its advantages that ensure durability. It is rated to comply to Euro-2 emission standards, underlying Isuzu’s commitment in preserving the environment. Rated to produce 136PS at 3,400 rpm and a high 320Nm of torque from 1,800 to 2,800 rpm, the engine also provides plenty of power, translating to less gear changes, effortless hill climbing and easier off-road driving.

Matched to the new 4JK1-TC engine is a 5-speed automatic with sequential shift function, which makes driving the All-New Isuzu mu-X not only more economical but also more enjoyable.

Warranty for the both Isuzu vehicles are as follows. D-Max has a 5-years / 150,000km warranty and the Isuzu mu-X gets a 5-years / Unlimited Mileage warranty.


Highway R&R’s not safe anymore when vehicles parked and left idle

How Highway Rest Areas have become dangerous to drivers. This advice and warning has just come in. All north-south highway users who are planning to stop at any R&R to use the restrooms, eat, rest or pray please take note that it is not advisable to leave your vehicle unattended while parked.

If you do stop, take turns for prayer, toilet break and food with your other passengers. There are many cases where vehicles are tampered with, and then the vehicle breaks down after leaving the R&R area.

If you are driving alone……try and park where there are a lot of people or where you can see your vehicle.

PLUS R&R not safe to stopIMG_9421

Last month there were more than 10 cases reported and the typical damages include:

  1. Engine over-heating where that criminals have drained the engine oil and so you get engine damage
  2. Loss of brake pressure as the brake fluid has been drained.
  3. Gearbox oil drained.
  4. Power steering oil drained.
  5. Radiator fluid/coolant drained and vehicle overheats.

All this will happen when you continue your drive. You would then have to stop along the highway and seek help and you would be too far away from the R&R where you stopped earlier.

  • Then in a short period of time, one car will stop to offer help (usually a mechanic) who will quickly determine your problem. For example, if your car engine overheats, he will show you the leaking tank hoses and so on depending on the “problem”.
  • This message is to alert all highway users of the deliberate acts of the syndicates. He will deliberately damage the vehicles that are parked at the R&R.


  • He will follow the damaged vehicle when the driver resumes the journey.


  • When the damage occurs, he will offer help such as towing to his workshop where the vehicle will be dismantled for parts and incurring thousands of ringgit in repairs.

This is very serious.

PLUS highway is taking action with auxiliary police (in plain clothes) patrolling the highways and all their R&R but they have yet to stop the syndicate’s activities because there are many groups and they are always on the move.

Advice from PLUS Highway:

  • avoid stopping along the highway if possible.
  • if you have to, make sure someone stays inside the vehicle with doors locked



UD Trucks Launches New Quon Heavy Duty Truck


UD Trucks has launched the all-new Quon, representing a full model change for UD Trucks’ heavy-duty flagship.

UD Trucks has a proud heritage that has brought many innovative products and features over the years. But at UD Trucks, innovation goes beyond new technologies. For us, innovation is a commitment to deliver the trucks and services the world needs today, adding value to our customers’ and partners’ businesses and society at large.

To serve our customers and partners in an even better way, UD Trucks has over the past few years invested more than during any other period in our history in facilities, in services, in our people, and not at least in our products. The all-new Quon with associated services now moves us into a stronger position in the truck industry.


Combining industry-leading fuel efficiency with dynamism and drivability, the all-new Quon offers an unparalleled driveline that delivers a smooth, stress-free and comfortable ride. Quon is equipped with advanced safety features protects the driver and cargo, but also cares for the safety of the vehicle’s surroundings. The comfortable interior lets the driver focus on driving, while the striking and dignified exterior will be a source of pride and joy for anyone in the cockpit. The all-new Quon meets the needs of transport solutions in the modern age by “putting people first” in every fine detail and pushing boundaries further than ever before through leading edge innovations.

“The all-new Quon of course complies with the new and stricter emission regulations in Japan. In addition though, it also delivers better performance across the board. Equipped with the ESCOT-VI, the electronically controlled automatic transmission that is the industry benchmark, our heavy-duty flagship truly feels like a passenger car to drive. It offers a complete solution that meets customers’ needs and is sure to earn their satisfaction. Simply put, Quon now better than ever and it embodies UD Trucks promise of Going the Extra Mile for our customers” said Yoshihiro Murakami, President of UD Trucks, at the launch.

The all-new Quon has multiple unique features that combined takes trucking in Japan to an unprecedented performance level.


Drivability – easier and smoother to support the driver
The cockpit has been redesigned around the way it feels to use it, with operability and visibility ergonomically reengineered from the ground up. The new ESCOT-VI electronically controlled automatic transmission adopts a simple, easy-to-use straight shift pattern, further advancing the Quon’s unrivaled operability while also enhancing its ability to navigate snowy and muddy conditions. All models feature disc brakes as standard, yet another first for Japan. The disc brakes provide a swift, smooth response and outstanding braking performance. Through these features, the all-new Quon provides a comfortable driving environment allowing drivers concentrate on the road ahead.

Fuel efficiency – cleaner yet more powerful for improved performance and environmental care
The fuel-efficient, powerful and clean 11-liter GH11 engine complies with Japanese 2016 exhaust gas regulations, and all models achieves +5% over the 2015 fuel economy standards for heavy vehicles in Japan. The engine generates powerful torque from low revs up through a wide RPM range, making the Quon a pleasure to drive. To further support fuel-efficient driving, the Quon also features the ESCOT-VI’s Foretrack anticipatory solutions that use GPS to look ahead, as well as the Fuel Coach, a system that displays driving advice to help drivers achieve further improvement in fuel economy.

Safety – safer and more reliable for the driver, cargo and surroundings
The all-new Quon amongst others features the UD Trucks Traffic Eye Brake system (collision mitigation braking), which uses high-precision radar and a cabin-mounted camera for dual-monitoring of the road ahead, as well as advanced driver assistance systems including Driver Alert Support. Our new flagship is also fitted with disc brakes featuring excellent heat-release properties for superb and industry benchmark anti-fade performance. In combination, these advanced systems deliver enhancements on both active and passive safety.


Productivity – more payload and greater efficiency for increased profitability
Every component has been refined to realize an overall lighter vehicle, while achieving gains in load-carrying capacity of up to 200kg depending on the model. Improved ease of loading, bodybuilding efficiency and smoothness at creeping speed for approaching loading docks also reflect our uncompromising commitment to boost productivity for our customers. We have also expanded the dry wing-body variations available in the Perfect Quon range and added a refrigeration wing-body. The all-new Quon offers a highly productive range of vehicles optimized for our customers business needs.

Uptime – stay on the road to minimize non-revenue generating time
The all-new Quon represents a further upgrade in vehicle reliability and durability. It is easier to maintain, with a reduced number of parts requiring regular replacement and longer service intervals on genuine parts. Moreover, comprehensive UD Extra Mile Support including UD Genuine Parts and Service, the UD Trust service agreement, and UD Information Service utilizing the latest in connectivity – keeps customers’ vehicles in the best possible condition to maximize uptime.


Danish Transport Giant Commits to MAN Buses


With room for up to 150 passengers and five automatic sliding doors, 41 MAN Lion’s City GL CNGs will help to speed up local public transport in Copenhagen. These special city buses will be used for the new BRT line in the north of the Danish capital.

Arriva and Movia, the largest transport company in Denmark, announced that these buses will run on the new BRT line from Herlev, in the north of Copenhagen, through the city centre to the airport.

“The City Line is Movia’s first BRT line. On a number of sections these buses have their own bus lane, and that is why the vehicle needs to stand out”, says Klaus Kormann, International Key Account Manager at MAN Truck & Bus, adding “thanks to features such as the fairing, with its large individual headlights, the futuristic wheel arch covers and translucent bellows, it really does.” Since Movia does not itself own any vehicles, Arriva will be operating the line on its behalf.


MAN won over Arriva and Movia not only with MAN Lion’s City GL A40 CNG’s design, but especially with the ingenious vehicle concept. It combines high passenger capacity with extremely rapid passenger flow. The 18.75 metre long city buses have five 1,250 mm wide, double-leaf swivel sliding doors and an optimized electric drive. “This considerably reduces stopping time, which saves not only time but also fuel”, explains Kormann. In addition, they can each carry more than 150 passengers on comfortable seats and generous standee platforms. To see just why the demand for city buses is so high, let’s take a look at the “City Line”: with more than 20 million passengers a year and up to 75,000 passengers a day, it is the busiest line in the north of Denmark’s capital.

Video cameras monitor the buses’ interior to ensure drivers can keep an eye on everything, however many passengers they have. There are also numerous safety features, such as EBS, plus ABS and anti-slip regulators, and light barriers on the swinging-sliding doors. The 310 HP (228 kW) city buses are fuelled with biogas. This means that MAN’s Lion’s City GL A40 CNGs have extremely low-emissions, making them a climate-friendly and economical mobility solution for urban transport. “Fuelled with biogas, these articulated buses are practically CO2-neutral, making them equivalent to full-electric vehicles”, says Kormann.

Around 1,250 buses, which is one third of Denmark’s entire local public transport fleet, operate under Movia’s flag. The transport company commissioned Arriva, Keolis, Nobina and local Danish operators as subcontractors. Arriva Danmark A/S, a 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, currently operates almost 40% of Movia’s buses.


Volvo Delivers 203 City Buses in Panama City


Volvo has sold 203 city bus chassis to the urban public transportation system of Panama City. After the delivery, nearly 1,500 Volvo buses will be running in the capital of Panama.

“This sale is the result of a very positive customer experience with Volvo’s vehicles in recent years, which has placed us in a leadership position in the heavy-duty urban bus segment”, declares Fabiano Todeschini, president of Volvo Bus Latin America.

The purchase is a continuation of the delivery made in 2010 of over one thousand Volvo vehicles to Panama.

“We are very proud of winning this deal. It reinforces the quality of our chassis and maintains us in the absolute leadership of the urban and metropolitan bus fleet of the Panamanian capital”, said Euclides Castro, business and strategic projects director for Volvo Bus Latin America.

In 2016 the administration of Panama City took over responsibility for urban transportation in the metropolitan region. The administration has further expanded the public transport operation to also include metropolitan areas. The 203 Volvo buses will run on the highways connecting the capital to its satellite cities. The buses will be delivered by the end of the year.

Volvo’s low-floor chassi model is 13.2 m long and equipped with high technology. In addition to EBS brake systems, they are equipped with ESP, the electronic stability program which significantly reduces the possibility of skidding or tipping over.

The buses will have air conditioning, Wi-Fi and seats with seatbelts. They will also feature the Fleet Manager, Volvo’s fleet management software that enables operators to control a number of functionalities in the vehicle: fuel consumption and type of driving used by the driver, on-line reports on the vehicle’s position, average speed for the fleet, engine rpms etc.


Jeep’s legendary Cherokee Trailhawk might be fogotten

Here is a Jeep that has been forgotten. Yes, this Jeep is on sale in Malaysia and has been in showrooms for some time. This Jeep is shadowed by its legendary siblings, the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. This is the Cherokee Trailhawk.

Unique Looks

This Jeep is fronted by a seven-slot Jeep ‘Waterfall’ grille, which is part of the sculptured bonnet. There’s the usual gently rising high SUV waistline and the side doors are also deeply sculptured. The sides feature the signature Jeep trapezoidal wheel arches. The rear is highlighted by the contemporary full LED tail lamps, which are an integral part of the rear backlight graphic, making the vehicle look stronger yet harmonious.


Cabin Quality

Inside the Cherokee you will find Jeep’s usual high level of standard equipment. The build quality and the feel of the materials are top notch, and the layout of the instruments and controls are very inviting and have noting in common with its European rivals such as the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Range Rover Evoque.


The high-line fascia with its leather-look stitched vinyl trim looks well padded and has a chunky appearance. So do the seats, with large bolsters which provide good support, and there’s a thick leather-trimmed steering wheel.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFunctionality is a main characteristic of this Trailhawks interior, where plenty of thoughtful, clever storage features can be found. A refined, covered, top bin is located above the center stack on top of the instrument panel for secured storage of small items. The front-passenger seat folds flat and offers hidden, in-seat storage by flipping up the passenger seat cushion.


High Safety

Much emphasis is now placed on safety features and these include seven airbags, rollover mitigation, ABS with off-road function, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and rear cross-path detection.


Driving In The City

This 4×4 legend is under Fiat’s control and improved in most ways with an excellent new 2.4L engine. Crucially, the on-road handling has been vastly improved over previous models thanks to an independent front suspension and multi-link rear set-up which, in conjunction with the passenger car platform, works really very well, even with the large polished 18-inch wheels.


The power steering is now electronically controlled giving sharper response although it feels heavy and the feedback is still lacking. Whilst it’s more comfortable to travel in, the new Cherokee still feels on the lazy side for handling — more cruiser than bruiser. Much emphasis has been placed on reducing noise intrusion into the vehicle with better insulation and the use of acoustic glass; that this has succeeded is very noticeable. “


The numerous potholes and uneven surfaces thrown up at us during our test drive was easily taken in by the long travel suspension. The chassis articulation on this Jeep is impressive.


Off-road, the ability to increase the Cherokee’s ground clearance proved useful and easily done and although the power came in easily and abundantly I thought the hill descent actuation was not very smooth on its own and better achieved with a gentle application of brakes as well.

4×4 systems and ‘Go anywhere’ Jeep capability

The new Jeep Cherokee takes the legendary Jeep 4×4 capability to the next level and offers the advantages of an all-weather, all-terrain vehicle. The new generation of the Jeep mid-size SUV provides a choice of three innovative 4×4 systems for best-in-class 4×4 capability in all driving conditions: the single-speed, fully automatic Jeep® Active Drive I, the two-speed Jeep® Active Drive II featuring torque management and low range and the Jeep® Active Drive Lock including all features of the Jeep active Drive II and adding a locking rear differential and Selec-Speed Control.


High Level Of Cabin Equipment

An available Wireless Charging Pad is concealed in the upper tray of the central armrest and it enables wireless charging of any smartphone that is QI wireless charging capable. To charge a device customers can simply place it where a mechanical docking station affords secure storage.

Filling the gauge cluster in front of the driver is the world-class thin-film transistor (TFT) 7-inch full-color, premium multiview display featuring a reconfigurable function that enables the drivers to enjoy a customized user experience and receive information and vehicle feedback in the format they prefer, while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

The easy-to-use instrument cluster displays the basic information a driver needs at his or her fingertips but also allows the driver to add as much or as little information they desire. The system is intuitive and can be arranged for a variety of views. Additionally, the four corners of the display can be customized to show information at a glance, including current fuel economy, outside temperature, time and compass direction.

Trailhawk Conclusion

For Jeep, most Malaysian buyers are afraid to move towards the Americans……so Jeep in Malaysia will have to keep trying…..and trying hard.


JEEP Cherokee Trailhawk Specifications:

Engine: 2.4 1-4 Tigershark Multiair 2

Displacement:  2360cc

Gearbox:  9-speed auto

Max power: 174bhp @ 6400rpm

Max torque: 229Nm @ 3900rpm

Top Speed: NA

0-100km/h: NA

Price: RM378,889.00


IVECO Plant in Madrid Achieves Gold Level in World Class Manufacturing


The IVECO plant in Madrid, Spain, is the first manufacturing facility of the CNH Industrial Group to reach Gold Level in the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) program – one of the global manufacturing industry’s highest standards for the integrated management of manufacturing plants and processes. With this achievement, the plant is now the highest ranking facility in terms of manufacturing excellence amongst the Group’s 64 facilities worldwide.

Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President, commented: “We are very proud of the Madrid plant and its WCM Gold Level. This is a huge achievement, which has been made possible by the teamwork, commitment and determination of everyone here at the plant. We have made important investments in the facility, and through the sustained efforts of all the people involved in the production we have completely overhauled the manufacturing processes. The result is best-in-class quality for every single vehicle that leaves the assembly plant.”

Tom Verbaeten, CNH Industrial Chief Manufacturing Officer, added: “We started work on re-engineering all the processes at our plant 10 years ago, and it has been a relentless effort in continuous improvement. Today the plant is at the very top in terms of manufacturing quality. We have reached the very best-in-class level, but this is not the point of arrival: it is the beginning of our next era of excellence, and we will be working just as hard in this continuous improvement process to bring our customers the very best quality in their IVECO trucks.”

The Madrid plant has achieved the best results in its history in this WCM audit as a result of the improvements it has introduced over the years, which have translated into a continuous increase in safety, high quality in the processes and products, and a level of service of 100%. In addition, the plant’s exceptional environmental improvements have resulted in a 53% reduction in CO2 emissions per manufactured vehicle and in the facility recycling 99% of its waste.

The majority of these improvements have been possible thanks to the involvement of the plant’s employees through a suggestions program, in which the Madrid plant is a global reference within the Group with 28 suggestions made by each employee every year.

The Madrid plant: from Spain to the rest of the world
​The Madrid IVECO plant hosts the production lines and Research & Development centre for the brand’s heavy range: the New Stralis, both in the Diesel version, the Stralis XP, and in the CNG and LNG versions, the Stralis NP, as well as the Trakker. The flexible and complex production process of the site enables it to produce up to 300,000 different versions of these vehicles. 87% of this production is destined for export, mainly to European markets, but also to Africa, Asia and South America. The plant employs over 2,500 people, with the highest percentage of female employees in the Spanish automotive sector: 21%. Last year the site received the Kaizen Institute’s Excellence Award in the System of Continuous Improvement category.

Madrid: a factory full of history
IVECO acquired the Madrid facility in 1990, when it took over the historic Spanish truck brand Pegaso. In 2016, the facility celebrated the 70th anniversary of Pegaso and paid homage to a name that was the driving force of industrialization in Spain for many years with the presentation of a Limited Edition Stralis. Pegaso was born in 1946 as Empresa Nacional de Autocamiones (ENASA). The project for the large manufacturing plant in Madrid was started immediately and the first phase of construction was completed in 1955. Pegaso’s total production in Madrid, from 1946 to 1990, reached 405,000 units. In 2008, under the name IVECO Pegaso, the manufacturing site reached the milestone of one million sold vehicles.

IVECO and its commitment to Spain
​The second IVECO plant in Spain, located in Valladolid, is also among the very best of the 64 plants of CNH Industrial in the world, only one point away from the Gold level. In 2012, IVECO decided to concentrate all manufacturing activities of its heavy range in Spain, which meant doubling production in the country. Since then, it has invested 500 million euros in the Spanish plants and aims to continue to increase the production capacity and specialization of the two plants in Madrid and Valladolid.


Ford Ranger 2.2L FX4 on its way from RM121,888.00

For Ranger FX4IMG_9805

The new features introduced in this special edition includes:

1. 18” Alloy Wheel

2. Leather Seat with Logo (Bucket Only)

3. Leather Interior Trim

4. Roof Rails

5. FX4 Exterior Colour Scheme (Painted Front Grill, Rear Bumper, Exterior Mirror, Fog Lamp Bezel and Door Handles)

6. FX4 Interior Colour Scheme (Dark Dashboard Panel, Steering Wheel and Door Panels)

7. Exterior FX4 Decals

8. Unique Side Steps and Sport Bar


Ford Ranger 2.2L FX4 AT will be made available in two (2) colors, Meteor Grey and Aluminum Metallic.


Estimated OTR price without insurance is RM 121,888.00 for Peninsular Malaysia.

Estimated OTR price without insurance is RM 127,688.00 for East Malaysia.