What makes shipping your vehicle using Giga Shipping so special?
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What makes shipping your vehicle using Giga Shipping so special?

Giga Shipping is a logistics company that provides a “door to door” service for motor vehicles to East Malaysia. This service is provided via Roll On Roll Off vessels.

When it comes to shipping vehicles, big or small, you have two main options. You can ship your vehicle in a sealed steel container or ship via a RORO vessel.

With RORO shipping, the vehicles being shipped are driven directly onto the RORO vessel and secured to the car decks. They are securely stored inside the RORO vessel, wind-and-watertight.


The vehicles are simply “rolled on” the vessel at the port of loading and “rolled off” the vessel at the final destination. Everything is handled by the Giga shipping’s well trained and experienced port workers. There is no need to hire and pay for export warehouse for crating, container packing, flat rack loading, port delivery, etc. This really helps in keeping the cost of vehicle shipping reasonable.

Giga Shipping management have a hands on approach with all their processes. All ‘on the ground’ employees have to follow strict guidelines when moving vehicles from point to point. The ‘cargo’ they are handling needs special attention. Attention starts with ensuring the vehicles are handled carefully to avoid any scratches to the expensive new bodywork of the vehicles. Giga Shipping drivers have to wear special shoes, remove all jewelry on them to prevent unwanted scratches and wear special gloves when moving the vehicles. All vehicles are moved with strict supervision. Once loaded on the RORO vessel the vehicles travel to their destination with not water or wind affecting their condition as the vessel cargo area is tightly sealed.

At the arrival port, the vehicles are once again handled with utmost care by Giga Shipping trained employees right up to the port car park. Customers are given assurance that their cargo will be handled by well-trained experienced individuals who have years of experience in moving million ringgit vehicles.

The complete chain of service also includes trucking to the load port and trucking from the discharge port. Storage yards for vehicles on transit also forms integral part of this service.



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