View, Follow, Learn: MAN Using YouTube for Driver Training
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View, Follow, Learn: MAN Using YouTube for Driver Training


MAN Truck & Bus has recently started using videos to give bus drivers easy-to-understand and engaging tips on operating vehicles, as well as safety and assistance systems. The aim: a greater understanding of how best to use these, increasing safety and efficiency.

Why are there different eco-levels in MAN EfficientCruise predictive cruise control? How does the advanced emergency braking system work? And how can a correctly adjusted driver’s seat boost safety? MAN Truck & Bus has recently created an accompaniment to its operator’s manual, answering these and many more questions in brief explainer clips named “Driving Professionals” which are available on YouTube for drivers and others who are interested. “The better drivers understand how the technology and assistants work on MAN and NEOPLAN buses and how they are served by them, the safer they are and the more efficient they are on the road. This also increases acceptance of these systems, so we are keen to help advance drivers’ skills,” says Rudi Kuchta, Head of Sales Bus at MAN Truck & Bus, by way of explanation for the new content. YouTube was chosen as a distribution platform to provide incredibly easy access to all interested parties.

Presenter Philipp Bächstädt, who German TV viewers will know from n-tv motoring series PS – Das Automagazin, ensures that the videos stay instructive without losing their edge. Thorsten Helbig, a trainer with MAN ProfiDrive, shows off the various systems and assistants, and explains them to him. Technical animations also illustrate how these work. “The medium of film is a highly suitable way to present the wide range of topics in a short, entertaining and vivid style, as well as conveying relevant information,” Kuchta says. For instance, one of the first clips covers the correct adjustment of the driver’s seat – and related factors like seat height, tilt angle, arm posture, backrest and steering wheel positioning. “Only if drivers have a correctly adjusted seat can they drive without getting tired, which is crucial for road safety,” Helbig explains in the video.

In addition to the topic of safety, MAN Truck & Bus also gives attention to the topic of efficiency in its explainer films. Another video shows how the fuel consumption can be substantially reduced without loss of time on the road, via the appropriate setting thanks to the predictive EfficientCruise cruise control and the EfficientRoll “coasting function”. The videos are published on the MAN Truck & Bus YouTube channel at

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