UD Trucks’ Quon and Croner Win Good Design Awards
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UD Trucks’ Quon and Croner Win Good Design Awards

UD Trucks’ the new Quon and the Croner designed for the emerging markets earned the 2017 Good Design Awards. Both models were highly evaluated for their designs that have UD Trucks’ family look and support functions that meet the needs of our customers in markets where they are sold. This time UD Trucks won its 8th and 9th Good Design Award in total following its 7th winning in 2013 for the Quester.

“The new Quon’s dignified exterior embodies the concept of “a truck with leading edge innovations putting people first” and its high-quality cabin space is equipped with renewed Human Machine Interface. The Croner was intended to give impression of agile and reliable medium duty truck range as a truck contributing to the customers’ business in the emerging markets. The target markets for each model range are different, but we are really proud of their designs that precisely capture the needs of the customers and that is appropriate for a range in UD Trucks family,” said Toshio Shiratori, Complete Vehicle Product Design Director, UD Trucks Technology responsible for the design of both the new Quon and the Croner.

Followings are the comments for each model by the juries of the award;

New Quon, Heavy Duty Truck

・ The hexagon front grill common to UD Trucks’ models gives family look which is received favorably.
・ The functional interior without any unnecessary thing can relieve stress of the drivers.
・ The floor level of the vehicle is made lower to make entry and exit of the vehicle easier and to provide better downward visibility considering the shortage of drivers and aging in the Japanese market.
・ Advanced safety technologies such as AEBS (Advanced Emergency Brake System) and Driver alert support are equipped to support safe driving.
・ It’s clearly positioned that the truck is to support the society through transportation.

Croner, Medium Duty Truck


・ The exterior design with a bumper consisting of three pieces for easier maintenance and the front panel integrated in the grill bring UD Trucks’ family look.
・ The drive-line of the Croner has sufficient capability considering the usage in the target markets.
・ The Croner realizes better fuel efficiency while complying with Euro 3 and 4.

The Good Design Award is hosted by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, and it started as the Good Design Production Selection System, its precursor in 1957. The award is the only comprehensive design evaluation and promotion system in Japan. Today it is a global design award system in which a lot of corporations and institutions at home and abroad participate. And “the G-mark” that only award winning designs are allowed to display is very highly recognized as an emblem of a good design and is widely popular with consumers.

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