UD Trucks conducts research on future of truck industry
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UD Trucks conducts research on future of truck industry


UD Trucks’ president, Yoshihiro Murakami has unveiled the results of a survey the company conducted recently on “the future of the truck industry,” reflecting responses from 1,100 truck buyers, truck drivers and ordinary people, as a follow-up to its survey last October’s “truck driver survey.”



The study shows that over 80 per cent of respondents indicated they still have high expectations of trucks, and that they expect trucks will continue to play a core role in the logistics industry. Ordinary people said they think the trucks of the future will show concern for the environment, with little or no emissions. Truck buyers and truck drivers had slightly different wishes, saying they expect to see a big leap in fuel efficiency, with trucks that do not break down easily, and that are easier to repair.

In response to the question, “What kind of truck would you like to drive / purchase / see running around town in the future,” truck buyers said “trucks with much better fuel efficiency” (66%). Truck drivers said, “trucks that don’t break down easily, and that are easy to repair when they do” (46%). Ordinary people said, “trucks with little or no exhaust emissions” (57%).



The survey results show a diversity of social needs that the trucks of the future must address. Overall, the top answer (39% of all respondents) was “trucks that are very safe for pedestrians and other vehicles.” Ordinary consumers wish to see trucks with environmental features, to make the living environment better. Truck buyers, truck drivers and others in the industry showed high expectations for fuel efficiency and uptime, to contribute to the success of their business.



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