UD Kuzer Light Duty Truck Makes Global Debut in Indonesia
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UD Kuzer Light Duty Truck Makes Global Debut in Indonesia


Made to deliver extra, UD Trucks’ new light duty truck “Kuzer” is now unveiled to correspond to the needs of an efficient, convenient, safe and resilience commercial truck in light duty market in Indonesia.

The growth of the Indonesian economy along with an increase in infrastructure investments (GDP growth rate in 2016: 5.2% from a year earlier) is driving increased demand for commercial vehicles. Data released by GAIKINDO shows an increase of 11% for the first semester of 2017 compared to the same period previous year, for trucks in the segment of GVW 5-10 ton capacity.

Following the vision of UD Trucks’ founder Kenzo Adachi, to make the truck the worlds needs today, Kuzer has been developed and built with robust design, modern solutions and the highest engine power in its class to make it living up to its motto “Made To Deliver Extra”.

“Kuzer is set to be the market leader in terms of engine power, with a reliable and robust 150 Hp engine, the largest horsepower in this class, and with 25% extra torque versus trucks currently available in the segment. This is paired with outstanding fuel efficiency through its engine design, optimized driveline, fuel coaching technology and telematics,” said Valery Muyard, President Director, UD Trucks Indonesia.


“In Indonesia, there is large potential in the light duty truck market with an increasing demand for durable and efficient commercial vehicles to support the productivity of business in this fast growing economy. We believe this product will be able to greatly contribute to smarter logistics, distribution, and commerce in Indonesia,” said Valery.

Kuzer has been developed and tested to live up to UD Trucks’ core value of “Ultimate Dependability”. “I have been part of the product planning, Indonesian customer research, and quality assurance since the feasibility studies started 5 years ago. Among several unique features, the most prominent is Kuzer’s robust chassis which is crucial to UD brand and product to secure durability and reliability. We have tested in actual operations and conditions of Indonesia,” said Shuichi Shibayama, Director of UD brand and product, UD Trucks.

As a commercial vehicle, Kuzer is not only strong and tough but also has a modern design. “Kuzer is a proud carrier of UD Trucks’ heritage and design, with the hexagon grille as the main design feature. This family look is executed across our product range, from Quester and Croner to our New Quon launched earlier this year in Japan, and now on Kuzer,” said Toshio Shiratori, Design Director, UD Trucks.

The name “Kuzer” itself is inspired by the Japanese onomatopoetic sound of wind, taking on the meaning ‘run as if flying swiftly against the wind. The truck is able to pass through limited road access and maneuver optimally with its short turning radius. With the largest cab in its class, Kuzer also provides a better driver environment, and the wider body and track make Kuzer able to “Deliver Extra” by maximizing truck stability and driving comfort at higher speeds.


Kuzer will be distributed by UD Trucks’ long standing partner since 1984, PT. Astra International, through its national service network, to provide customer services including mobile workshops and telematics support.

Since its introduction in 1984, UD Trucks has supported the growth of Indonesian market by introducing efficient and reliable products and services. In 2013, the heavy duty truck Quester was launched followed by its expanded variants introduction, which has contributed to double the volume in 2016, and increased 63% from 2016 in the first half of 2017.

By introducing Kuzer, together with already launched Quester, UD Trucks continuously support its customers in Indonesia to maximize fuel efficiency, productivity, reliability and driving comfort.


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