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Scania Trucks receive overwhelming praises during Scania’s Test and Drive 2019  

The New Truck Generation by Scania received overwhelming praises and positive responses from customers and guests during the New Truck Generation Test and Driver 2019 that was held at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS).

For The Customers and Fans

The week-long event saw around 300 invited customers, guests, fans as well as members of the media flocking MAEPS to experience driving Scania’s New Truck Generation in a safe and controlled environment. Participants praised the performance and features of the New Truck Generation after having the chance to maneuver a Scania G410A6X2 New Truck Generation across two choices of routes within MAEPS.

1. Marie Sjödin Enström, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia thanked the guests who took the time to test & drive the New Truck Generation from Scania 2. Daniel Tan, Sales Director of Scania Southeast Asia explained to our guests from Singapore the importance of the drivers and highlighted the key features of the New Truck Generation that will improve driving performance and ergonomics 3. Mr Alvin Tan from Librans Sdn Bhd explored the interior of New Truck Generation using virtual reality headset with Tan Chee Hon, Services Product Manager of Scania Southeast Asia 4. Roslan, one of Scania experienced driver trainers showing Dato’ Ooi Win Juat of Puspakom, the features of the Scania truck that help increase the uptime while reducing CO2 emissions 5. Anders Liss, Regional Manager for Southern Region and Country Manager for Scania Malaysia Singapore explaining to customers the rollover side curtain airbags that is the first in Malaysia

Customer Endorsement

One praise came from Alex Lai of Mansang Logistics Sdn Bhd who commented that “the features of the New Truck Generation have improved greatly from the older generation as many things have been simplified making the truck more user friendly, very comfortable and most importantly the clear visibility from the different angles.

The truck itself is more enhanced and very powerful. Safety feature such as the improved response from the braking system is also a plus point for Scania’s New Truck Generation.”

From the driver’s perspective, enhancements have been made to provide an enriched driver’s environment as noted by Mohamad Hasni from Yeap Transport and Trading Company.

“The cabin is one of a kind. Adjustable seat that is close to the door, ergonomic dashboard with touchscreen, and large windscreen with extended view make it easier for the driver to operate in a comfortable and safe environment. Scania has truly designed a truck that is focused on the customers and the drivers needs,” Mohamad Hasni elaborated.

“I am very grateful for all the guests who took the time to test & drive the New Truck Generation from Scania. I am even more inspired by the feedback that I have gotten from them. Our guests definitely saw the features that we can offer, felt the performance of the truck and also believe that this truck can help lower operating cost, increase revenue and profitability for their businesses,” stated Scania Southeast Asia Managing Director, Marie Sjödin Enström.

9. Marie Sjödin Enström, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia was driving one of the guests on Scania G410A6X2 New Truck Generation that is designed and engineered to give Scania truck owners better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions 10. Idris Talib of SGCarMart drove Scania G410A6X2 New Truck Generation at the Test and Drive 2019 event

Development Time

The New Truck Generation by Scania is the result of 10 years in development and SEK 20 billion (RM 10 billion) worth of investment with more than 12 million kilometres of test- driving. Launched earlier this year, the New Truck Generation is designed and engineered to give Scania truck owners better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions as it is equipped with advanced powertrain and aerodynamic solutions that consume an average of 3 percent less fuel. Other features of the New Truck Generation include new chassis design, extended storage options, and enhanced safety features such as the award- winning rollover side curtain airbags, which is a first in Malaysia.

6. Mr Mohamad Hasni from Yeap Transport and Trading Company shared his experienced driving the New Truck Generation that enhancements have been made to provide an enriched driver’s environment

“As a business, Scania has been at the forefront of providing sustainable transport solutions to our customers. Our New Truck Generation will serve as the vehicle to carry the momentum of economic progress with reduced carbon footprint as we work towards our new 2050 commitment of achieving net-zero emissions,” added Marie.

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Foton and JAC choose Shell Rimula

The Mpire Auto Group is the brand owner for commercial vehicles from China’s Foton and also JAC and with a growing market share in the mid and large sized trucks, they need make sure their after-sales stays right at the top of their priority to ensure repeat customers.

For 2019, Mpire was one of the fastest growing automotive groups in Malaysia and to keep its growth it is working with the best possible partners in the industry, this is why Mpire managament have chosen the Shell Rimula range of heavy-duty diesel engine oils as the official service-fill engine oil for its two commercial vehicle brands, Foton and JAC.

Press Release: Mpire is the distributor for Foton View C2 and CS2 vans as well as the Foton Daimler heavy-duty trucks that are equipped with advanced Cummins engines. It is also the exclusive distributor for JAC light trucks, which are powered by Isuzu engines, in Malaysia.

Shell Rimula Brand Mngr Ravi Shankar (L) & Mpire Auto Group CEO  Lau Yit Mun posing inside the JAC X30 light truck

Shell Rimula R5 LE synthetic technology engine oil is well suited for the high oil drain interval and heavy-duty diesel engine found in Foton Daimler prime movers.  Shell Rimula R4 X meets the demand for engine protection from the JAC range of light trucks that are often used as daily workhorses.

Shell Rimula Brand Mngr Ravi Shankar (L) & Mpire Auto Group CEO  Lau Yit Mun cutting a cake to celebrate the collaboration_2

Mpire Auto Group Chief Executive Officer Lau Yit Mun said that the combination of a strong reputation and track record in lubricants, reliable products that are compatible with Foton and JAC’s advanced diesel engines and excellent technical support led to the decision to choose Shell Rimula as the service-fill engine oil and Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd as the official lubricants supplier.

“Today’s customers demand reliability and performance from engine oils and Shell is able to fulfil them,” he said.

Shell Lubricants Marketing Manager – Malaysia & Singapore, May Tan said that as the top lubricants supplier in the world for the past 12 consecutive years, Shell understands the need to achieve lower total cost of ownership in today’s challenging business environment.

“Shell Rimula lubricants, especially our premium range, are designed to offer superior engine protection and cleanliness, longer oil drain intervals and better fuel economy while being able to withstand extreme temperatures and loads in tough operating environments,” she further added.

Shell Malaysia is delighted to have Mpire Auto Group on board and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration ahead.

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Volvo NH model preview before its launch

For many years, bonnet trucks have been losing ground everywhere except the US and Australia. Even in Brazil, where Scania’s long nose has been used for a long time, new models of this configuration have not been produced for more than 10 years.

Volvo NBL 2020

Of course, truckers continue to dream of modern bonnet trucks. Partially this niche is closed by private companies such as Vlastuin Truckopbouw. For example, it produces small-scale “nosy” Scania based on modern serial models.

In Brazil, there is another popular model – Volvo NH, which still has not appeared a successor. Felix Ludwig, a German designer specializing in creating mods for truck simulators such as Euro Truck Simulator 2, has published a project on what the new Volvo NH based on current-generation FH trucks could be.

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Nikola testing its Hydrogen truck

American start-up Nikola Motor Company presented its third truck called ‘Tre’, which is powered by hydrogen. The prototype and the two predecessor models Nikola One and Nikola Two will be presented in April 2019 in Phoenix. The new model, intended for the European market, does not have an outstanding design. It resembles those of well-known models such as MAN or Scania. Depending on the equipment, the truck should have a range of 500 to 1,200 kilometers and have a hydrogen fuel cell. The Tre will be available in 6×4 and 6×2 configurations.

Nikola hydrogen

The name “Tre” comes from Norwegian and stands for the number “three”. Nikola Motor Company has selected the Norwegian hydrogen company from Oslo, “Nel Hydrogen” , which will provide the necessary technological knowledge for the infrastructure. The Norwegians and their technologies are among the leading suppliers in the field of hydrogen.

Nikola hydrogen_1

“We will work with Nel to secure resources for our European growth strategy and we have a lot of work to do, but we can do that with the right partners,” said Kim Brady, CFO of Nikola Motor Company. The Tre is to be charged at special hydrogen stations, which are to be installed in Europe from 2022 onwards. Between 2,000 and 8,000 kilograms of hydrogen are to be produced per station per day. In the US and Canada, more than 700 hydrogen stations are to be built by 2028.

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Scania Malaysia seals first Scania Ecolution truck signing in Asia

Scania Malaysia and Aone Logistics Sdn Bhd signed the first Scania Ecolution truck agreement in Asia during the launch at the Malaysian Commercial Vehicle Expo 2019 (MCVE).

Scania Ecolution is a tailor-made partnership between Scania and customers that helps to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This is achieved through vehicle optimisation and agreed fuel and CO2 emissions reduction targets. The progress to reach the targets will be regularly monitored, evaluated and discussed with the Scania Ecolution Manager to ensure the desired result. Scania Ecolution focuses on reducing operating cost translated to improved profitability while fulfilling the growing demand for green initiatives.

4- Scania Malaysia and its Scania Ecolution partners 1-Sealing the deal for first Scania Ecolution truck partnership in Asia between Scania Malaysia and Aone Logistics Sdn Bhd

The signing ceremony saw Scania Southeast Asia Managing Director, Marie Sjödin Enström sealing the partnership with Aone Logistics Sdn Bhd Managing Director, S. Palani and witnessed by Dato’ Kamarudin Jaffar, Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Transport and Dag Juhlin-Dannfelt, the Swedish Ambassador to Malaysia.

“At Scania, we believe that sustainability and profitability can go hand-in-hand and Scania Ecolution will facilitate the shift towards a sustainable transport system. This is a holistic approach towards a more responsible and sustainable transportation of people and goods,” said Scania Southeast Asia Managing Director, Marie Sjödin Enström.

“Malaysia has in its participation to the Paris Agreement voluntarily committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 35-45% by 2030 (from the 2005 baseline). By working together with local operators, Scania Ecolution model is one of the many solutions to help meet that commitment,” added Marie.

2-Dato Kamarudin Jaffar launching Scania Ecolution 6- Lyentivia speaking on what sustainability means to children 5. Handover of the first S-Cab New Truck Generation to Heng Seng and Co

Aone Logistics Sdn Bhd acquired 15 Scania G-Series trucks earlier this year to facilitate the expansion of its trucking and haulage requirements. The acquisition was made on hire purchase terms and included a Repair and Maintenance contract as well as Scania Fleet Care. Aone Logistics Sdn Bhd will be able to further optimise their operation with the Scania Ecolution agreement.

“Aside from the performance, safety, and reliability of Scania trucks, Scania Ecolution will help my business in terms of discovering cost savings in every detail of our operations. The reduction of CO2 emissions and better fuel efficiency that comes with it also fulfils one of Aone Logistics’s commitment to protecting the environment,” commented Aone Logistics Sdn Bhd Managing Director, S. Palani.


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JAC offers servicing from as low as RM80.00

With a team of highly competent technicians and Service Advisors, your JAC truck will be attended to promptly to rectify the problem without any unnecessary waiting time. This will ensure a continues running of your business. 

With the right servicing parts. The most skilled technicians. Top-quality workmanship. The MPIRE Group that manages JAC Motors will help you get the most from your truck. The aim is to lower your cost of ownership and offer greater operational control for you.


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Apollo Tyres Opens its First Tyre Service Centre in Malaysia  

Apollo Tyres has just launched its first Apollo Truck Tyre Zone (ATTZ) in Malaysia, a one stop solution centre for tyres on commercial fleets. The opening of the new centre is in line with Apollo Tyres’ focus to provide its consumers with convenient access to its extensive services.


Equipped with modern automotive technologies, the centre will be managed by Sin Chu Hin, a tyre specialists in the southern region of Malaysia. The partnership, which is also the first one for Apollo Tyres outside India, will enable the delivery of quality products and services to the Malaysian market.

Speaking at the inauguration of Apollo Truck Tyre Zone in Malaysia, Satish Sharma, President, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Apollo Tyres Ltd said, “Apollo is committed towards bringing the best of our products and services to our customers. This state-of-the-art truck service centre brings together Apollo’s extensive experience in truck and bus radials along with Sin Chu Hin’s 80-year long local experience for a range of services and solutions for our fleet customers in Malaysia, further cementing our steadfast commitment to the Malaysian automotive industry. “

Apart from providing application-based tyre recommendation, the ATTZ would be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including a computerized truck tyre alignment machine, automatic tyre changer, nitrogen inflator and would offer end-to-end tyre related services for trucks and buses. These services are expected to reduce customers’ maintenance cost and fuel consumption. Taking the development in the dynamics of the vehicle platform, the ATTZ also has a training centre to guide its consumers through their purchase decision.

Apollo Tyres

“We see a vast opportunity in Batu Pahat – a thriving business destination at the tip of Peninsular Malaysia that would offer the convenience to our customers, especially truck radials. The ATTZ is in fact the first of several truck service centres that we are planning to open in partnership with our valued business partners in the ASEAN region,” added Shubhro Ghosh, Group Head, ASEAN, Middle East and Africa region for Apollo Tyres.

In conjunction with the grand launch and the upcoming Hari Raya festive period, Apollo Tyres is offering its customers with exclusive vouchers with every purchase of its tyres. The ATTZ will also offer special service packages for all types of fleets in the market.

The centre will remain open from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 7 pm, to suit the needs of customers, especially those travelling from far distances. To make an appointment or to find out more about the services and facilities, customers can contact ATTZ (on 07 – 415 2682) or visit them at (No 2, Jalan Kolek, Kawasan Perindustrian Tongkang Pecah, 83010) Batu Pahat, Johor.

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Tata Super Ace & Tata Ultra CKD range rolls out  

Following the successful launch of the Tata Super Ace and Tata Ultra truck range last year, DRB-HICOM Commercial Vehicles Sdn. Bhd. (DHCV), the authorised distributor of Tata Motors vehicles in Malaysia,together with Tata Motors Limited (Tata Motors) launched the local completely knocked down (CKD) assembly operations for Tata Motors vehicles.

The launch was marked by the roll out of Tata Super Ace and Tata Ultra 814 (7,500kg); and 1014 (10,400kg) trucks. The assembly launch is a strategic step towards pushing the sales and market share of Tata Motors range of products especially in the small pickup and light-duty truck segments in Malaysia.

Speaking at the roll-out ceremony, DHCV Chief Operating Officer Mohd Syahrul Yusuf said he was happy to oversee this key milestone.

“Local-assembly is in line with the government’s aspiration to promote the supplier ecosystem, while creating new ones, to offer employment and develop new skillsets. The overwhelming response to Tata products enabled us to fast-track the local assembly of all three models.

Tata (2)

Positive feedback received from our existing customers show that Tata trucks are known to be low in its maintenance and have a dynamic combination of competitive performance in terms of durability and safety. They offer users an edge in their businesses and meet their operational expectations,” he said.

Tata Motors’ Head of Commercial Vehicles, International Business, Rudrarup Maitrasaid was equally pleased.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of our 9thassembly operation outside India. This launch validates our commitment towards expanding our presence in Malaysia and supporting local employment. With local assembly operations, we are well poised to partner DHCV in the growth of the Malaysian economy and explore more business potential especially in the public sector. We will continue to support our growth with world-class service experience for our customers here in Malaysia,” he said.

In order to drive growth in sales and market share, DHCV and Tata Motors intend to roll out an extensive nationwide marketing campaign spanning across media networks.

Tata Motors’ latest range of commercial vehicles feature technologies designed to meet customers’ expectations with superior performance, world-class cabins, high load carrying capacity and flexible body-load configurations. The launch of a new range of models in 2018, expansion of network and launch of the local assembly trucks reinforces Tata Motors’ and DHCV’s commitment to become a formidable player in the commercial vehicle segment in Malaysia.

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Ford F-Max Trucks are on their way

Ford Trucks has brought forward its plans to enter western Europe, following the success of its new F-Max range, the current International Truck of the Year.

Previously the Turkish truck builder had said expansion into western Europe was several years away, but last week Ford Trucks general manager Haydar Yenigun revealed it had pulled forward its plans, and was negotiating with new dealership candidates in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Ford recently completed its network in central and eastern Europe, and already has a service network across western Europe.


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New fully synthetic Shell Rimula LD5 suited for pick-up trucks & 4X4 vehicles

Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd has launched a new range of Shell Rimula engine lubricants for pick-ups and light duty trucks.

The new Shell Rimula Light Duty ranges are the Shell Rimula Light Duty LD4 15W-40 (API CI-4) and LD5 10W-40 (API CK-4) Synthetic Technology. They are specially formulated to ensure optimum performance for trucks that operate in frequent stop-start and idling conditions while carrying variable heavy loads.

The mineral oil-based Shell Rimula Light Duty LD4 is aimed at meeting the needs of light duty trucks that are the workhorses of almost every commercial enterprise. The fully synthetic Shell Rimula Light Duty LD5 is suited for pick-ups and other 4×4 trucks. Both are available at selected independent workshops, spare part shops and Shell retail stations.

Shell Rimula Brand Mngr Ravi Shankar with the flaghship Rimula R6 flanked by the new Light Duty range in 7.5L packs

Both the Shell Rimula Light Duty LD4 and LD5 come in 7.5-litre pails, perfect for a single oil-change without needing top-ups, making it convenient and economical for truckers.

The recommended retail price for the Shell Rimula Light Duty LD4 is RM120.00 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM121.50 in Sabah and Sarawak.  The Shell Rimula Light Duty LD5 is priced at RM195.00 (Peninsular Malaysia) and RM196.50 (Sabah and Sarawak).

Shell Rimula is the market leader in heavy duty diesel engine oils in Malaysia and globally. The new Light Duty range marks Shell Rimula’s entry into consumer lubricant segment.

Shell Lubricants Marketing General Manager May Tan said the bulk of new commercial vehicle sales in Malaysia comprised of pick-ups and light duty trucks.

The new Rimula Light Duty Range (L & R) flanking the flagship Shell Rimula R6 LM heavy duty diesel engine oil

“Pick-ups are no longer just used for commercial purposes.  It is a popular choice for those who pursue active outdoor lifestyles.  Our new Shell Rimula Light Duty range offers superior protection and engine cleanliness, longer oil drain intervals and better fuel economy,” she said.


Shell Rimula, the “engine oil that works as hard as you”, is rewarding loyal customers who are passionate about what they do by taking them to ultimate stopover destinations around the world.

The 2019 Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover Barcelona promotion will see guests taken on a journey to experience the vibrant Spanish city renowned for its arts, culture, football and cuisine.

The promotion from 1 March till 30 June 2019, is open to customers who purchase any Shell Rimula heavy duty and light duty diesel engine oil products with a chance to win an exclusive 5-day 4-night trip to Barcelona that combines the opportunity to gain a deep insight into the innovation-driven world of Shell Lubricants with experiencing the sights and sounds of the picturesque Mediterranean metropolis.

2018 Ultimate Stopover winner William Teo from Sibu who had the opportunity to experience Dubai said it was an eye-opening experience, especially understanding the technology of Shell diesel technology and other lubricants for heavy duty applications.

“We had the opportunity to experience real world testing of the product through extreme environments, loads and temperatures and other immersive activities. It was a nice balance of knowledge sharing, sightseeing and networking!” he said.

For more information on the new Shell Rimula Light Duty range and the 2019 Shell Rimula Ultimate Stopover Promotion, please visit www.shell.com.my/rimula.

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