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Old 5-Series Narrowly Misses Crash Thanks to Driver’s Epic Reflex

Another week, another viral video… This time, it is a dashcam recording from Singapore that will blow your mind.

In the beginning of the video, it is just a bunch of cars cruising on the highway, minding their own business, but they were going a bit fast lah to be honest.

And then, it happens. The old BMW 5 Series E34 you see in front of the “camera car” suddenly slams the brake, because there is a car, stalled, on the bloody fast lane!

Now, just as everyone who saw the video for the first time went Oh, Sh… thinking that the 5 Series is going to rear-end the stalled car at full speed, the driver, with his One Punch Man-level reflexes, reacted so quickly and so precisely that he missed it by what looks like a mere couple of inches.

The best part is that the moment the BMW swerved to the left and avoided the stalled car, the driver immediately changed direction to the right once again in a split second to avoid knocking a tip-top looking Toyota 86 on the middle lane!    

The thing is that the car with the dashcam behind the BMW which was going just as fast, also managed to swerve and avoid the whole thing swiftly and impressively as well.

Good save 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Posted by Clement Chia on Khamis, 30 April 2020

Now, we don’t know who the drivers of these cars are, where they come from, and if they are related to Vin Diesel or Paul Walker, but the way they reacted and avoided what could have been a mega nasty crash, is nothing short of impressive.

Call it skills, luck, the car, or the driver, but there is no denying that that was one scary scenario these guys got out of.  

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why we need to stop tailgating, and maintain a safe distance between one another on the road, so that there is enough time to react.