Singapore and South Africa win UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge 2017


The trucks are silent again, their drivers and teams are enjoying a well-earned rest after completing the 2017 EMC global final at the Experience Center at UD Headquarters, Ageo, Japan on November 7. Team Singapore took the top honors in the Quon category. Team South Africa led the field in the Quester category. It is the very first time to have both truck models for the UDEMC in the same year.

Based on UD Trucks’ brand promise, “Going the Extra Mile,” the Extra Mile Challenge demonstrates how customers can make the most out of UD products and services. The competition focuses on three key elements; pre-drive inspection, fuel efficiency & safety driving, and maneuvering & parking skills, to improve driving skills of the drivers and reduce both operational costs and downtime.

For the challenge, drivers representing each country compete in a simulated transport delivery cycle. Each practical station is judged by the following criteria: revenue, fuel efficiency, uptime & maintenance cost, and driving safety. The winning team claimed the highest profit based on transport calculations. The Extra Mile Challenge demonstrates how UD Trucks not only helps achieve further business success, but also strengthen driving capability and confidence, contributing to safer roads and motivated drivers.

At the competition this year, seven drivers from six markets emerged from the qualification rounds (*), and competed in the global final in Japan. There are four Quester drivers (from Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, and Indonesia) and three Quon drivers (from Japan, South Africa and Singapore). (*) No qualification round was held for Japan and Singapore


President of UD Trucks Yoshihiro Murakami observed that EMC is a part of UD Trucks’ commitment to go the extra mile for smart logistics envisioned, as smart logistics is not only about smart trucks and smart services – it’s also about smart drivers.

Kishi Nobuhiko, SVP Brand, Communication and Products emphasized the importance of the One UD in expanding the EMC. “One UD means that we work as an extended family bringing together people with diverse skills and expertise from different organizations, including UD colleagues and partners around the world, with the shared determination to go the extra mile for our customers.”

Following this ambition, we plan to increase the number of markets where we can hold the local competition stages leading to the global final competition, and to continue expanding the competition and welcoming new participating markets and customers.”

The Extra Mile Challenge shows our customers the essence of the UD Trucks’ “Gemba Spirit” – it is the professional, passionate and dependable spirit at the heart of UD Trucks. Wherever our customers are, however tough their market, they know that UD Trucks is committed to improving their business in their Gemba.

UD Extra Mile Challenge is a competition program but it is our hope to also create an opportunity for customers and their drivers to find clues, tips and solutions for improving their actual business and transport operation.

Here are the complete results of EMC 2017.

Quester Category
Best in Class:
Team South Africa
Customer: RA Transport Co.
Driver: Lafras Kruger
Best pre-inspection: Team Malaysia
Best driving skill: Team Thailand
Best fuel efficiency: Team Indonesia

Quon Category
Best in Class:
Team Singapore
Customer: CWT Ltd.
Driver: Seng Ann Neo
Best pre-inspection: Team Japan
Best driving skill: Team Singapore
Best fuel efficiency: Team South Africa


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